Beautifully Illustrated & Endearing Children’s Christmas Tale Will Have You “Rooting” for the Little Tree that “Could”

Twin sisters Claire & Sarah have collaborated to publish a heartwarming Christmas of Mert, the Little Fir Who "Pines" to be a Christmas Tree!

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Berkeley, CA - December 11th, 2013 - Claire Bowman and her twin sister, Sarah, have been making up stories and creating music and art together their entire lives.  Their parents claimed they were harmonizing together from their cribs. They now perform and tour internationally as The Bowmans and have successfully released three albums plus their new Christmas album just out October 29th. Claire's debut illustrated story book, Mert the Anxious Evergreen (November 7, 2013), the triumphant tale about a little pine tree who longs to grow up to be a Christmas tree, was actually inspired by one of the carols on their holiday album.   

“I spent a lot of my life dreaming of being a children’s book author and illustrator. It’s always been easy for me to put on the lens that looks into the imaginative realm. I still wonder - what if things in the world engage with us in ways we can't perceive. What if things we can't perceive engage with us? That's where my stories begin,” says Claire.  “Mert the Anxious Evergreen is my first attempt at making something concrete from that place.”

Mert is an endearing tale of an anxious tree who wishes to save his beloved home from encroaching land development by being chosen as a Christmas tree, though he doesn't know how. He believes that he will be able to prevent the razing of Hickory Flats farm and forest if only he can find Christmas spirit -- as he conspires with his friend John the cat to overcome new obstacles.

Mert, preciously naïve, mistakenly believes he needs the powerful Christmas spirit in order to achieve anything, but as it turns out he stumbles onto success with the help and love of all those around him.

Beautifully written and boldly illustrated, Mert the Anxious Evergreen is a tale of Christmas love that you won’t soon forget, sharing warm lessons in friendship, family relationships, camaraderie, hope, finding humor in tough situations, man’s struggles to preserve something good and the “music” that keeps us connected to the people and things around us if only we slow down and really listen.

 “I did not come to writing via a traditional path,” adds Claire. “It turns out that my inability to relinquish my stuffed animals and my tendency to greet and thank inanimate objects is paying off.  My goal was to create a charming, witty and emotionally captivating story for all ages. I’d love to see Mert The Anxious Evergreen become a treasured family Christmas tradition!”

About the Bowmans
Claire Bowman writes, paints, draws, creates things, and performs music with her super-talented twin sister, Sarah.  Claire and Sarah perform and tour internationally as The Bowmans (released three albums plus their new Christmas album recently released October 29th).

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