WEDDING RECEPTION MUSIC Taking the time to plan and thoroughly think about your wedding reception music will eliminate a lot of problems down the road. Some of the most common complaints I hear are 1)The ...

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Taking the time to plan and thoroughly think about your wedding reception music will eliminate a lot of problems down the road.
Some of the most common complaints I hear are
1)The music is too loud
2)The band is always on a break
3)The band only played one type of music
4)The wedding reception seemed so unorganized
5)The band did not play what I requested
6)There was a problem with the band equipment, sound system etc
7)I was embarrassed by some of the speeches from the guests
8)I missed many important parts of my wedding reception

Let?s take each point and solve these problems in advance.
1)The Music Is Too Loud
In many cases the complaint is from an elderly guest that is seated right next to the band speakers. Always seat the older guests as far from the band as possible-always seat the youngest guests next to the band. There is a certain level of sound that must be maintained in order to create the excitement for dancing. Disco music cannot be played softly-it just does not work. Too many times the attitude of the band is "louder is better" and this ruins a wedding. There should be a definite understanding between the client and the band prior to the reception. The client should always have the final say as to the volume level-the client is paying for the band services.

2) The Band Is Always On A Break
This is another major problem. Bands use the term "continuous flow"and
Tells the client there will always be music playing. This is a big misunderstanding. This really means the band plays 20 minutes then puts on a CD for 20 minutes. The band actually plays 30 minutes or less per hour. Continuous music means the full band performs 55 minutes per hour. Mase sure the specific time is written in contract.
3) The Band Only Played One Type Of Music
Many times this is the fault of the client in restricting the repertoire to be played. Remember- a wedding is not only for the bride but also for the guests attending. The music should suit the needs of all attending. The ideal wedding guest should be able to say "the band played my kind of music"
Regardless of the age group. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the dancing.
4) The Wedding Seemed So Unorganized
The problem here is that the client did not establish clear lines of
Who will be handling east aspect of the wedding.You always need someone who will coordinate with all the vendors. If you are not having a wedding consultant or a wedding coordinator for the day then make sure your band leader takes the responsibility to coordinate with all vendors involved. The band leader is the one person who can see all that is going on and can also
See possible problems before they become serious and out of control.
5) The Band Did Not Play What I Requested
This is an area you have to be very specific about. Many clients make the mistake of leaving the music selection tottaly to the band. Always give the band a guideline -again keeping your guests and their age groups in mind.
6) There Was A Problem With The Equipment, Sound System etc
The band should always have back up equipment in case of "Murphy?s Law"
This includes back up amplifiers, speakers, microphones, cables etc.
7) I Was Embarrassed By Some Of The Speeches Of The Guests
Other than toast and blessing no guest should be allowed to use the microphone without your permission. No surprises is the best way to go.
After a few drinks a guest may unintentionally say something less than diplomatic.
8)I Missed Several Important Parts Of My Wedding
Make sure you coordinate with your band leader - that he will send a member of the band to find you before any important ceremony, dance etc is done. Also make sure the bandleader finds the photographer so there are not any missed photos. Leave enough time between the ceremony and reception so that you can enjoy the hour prior to the reception with your guests.

By Following the above suggestions and carefully planning in advance you will eliminate much of the stress and problems for your wedding reception.
RECOMMENDED IN "The Perfect Wedding Reception"
By Maria Mc Bride-Mellinger Editor at Bride's Magazine
Featured in Bridal Guide Magazine January 2003
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