Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Make More than Just Paper Turkeys This Holiday!

Enjoy making these cute and adorable crafts with the kids to celebrate and prepare for Thanksgiving Day!

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Holidays are a time of bringing family and friends together, especially around Thanksgiving when there is a major feast to enjoy! Get crafty with your little ones to prepare the Thanksgiving table! There are tons of crafts to make with kids from the pinecone turkey to a Thanksgiving kids table sign. These are all crafts that are easy and fun to make and it helps kids feel they’ve done their part to help prepare the table.

  • Pinecone Turkeys
    Leaves are falling and so are pinecones. Head outdoors and pick up a few pinecones to repurpose into fabulous looking turkeys to place on the dining table as decoration. This craft is simple to make with just a few basic materials to add to the pinecone. You’ll need feathers, pipe cleaners, google eyes, felt and a brown pom pom. Review full instructions at Preschool Craft for Kids.

  • Kids Table Sign
    If you’re having a lot of people over for Thanksgiving, it may make sense to designate the dining table for adults and create another dining area for kids. Create a Thanksgiving kids table sign to welcome the little ones to the kids’ dinner table. It’ll only take about 15 minutes to make and the only supplies you’ll need is cardstock, scissors, wooden dowel, glue and transparent tape. Review full instructions at Disney Family.

  • Pottery Pilgrim Hat
    Want your dining table to look extra festive for Thanksgiving? Place adorable pilgrim hats made out of small flower pots to the table. To create it, take a small terracotta pot and paint it black. Take black felt and cut out a strip to go along the pot’s upper rim and cut out a rectangular buckle shape out of yellow paper to glue to the middle of the felt strip. Glue and wrap the felt about the upper rim of the pot and all you need is a cutout of a brown circle to place underneath the pot to serve as the hat’s rim. See full instructions and picture illustrations at The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

  • Pumpkin Turkey
    Halloween has passed, but there are still the uncarved pumpkins used as decoration lying around. Dress them up for Thanksgiving! With a few cutouts from sticker foam sheets, they can be easily transformed into adorable pumpkin turkeys. Review full instructions and picture illustrations at Popsugar.

These crafts are an opportunity for you and the kids to spend precious time together and to be thankful to have each other’s company.

Happy Thanksgiving crafting!

Photo by John Boyer, via Free Images.