Turkey Trot 2013: Get in a Jog Before You Get Gobblin'


A turkey trot is a November tradition, so if you like to run, be sure to sign up for turkey trots in your area.

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When we think about November, we automatically think of Thanksgiving. There are many great activities happening on Long Island this month, but with preparing for the Thanksgiving meal, we might forget that you need to try to stay in shape this holiday season. 

Turkey trots are an annual tradition that not many people know about. Generally for charity, turkey trots are long distance fun runs. 

Many turkey trots take place on Long Island, so if you are an avid runner or just want to try something new, try a Turkey Trot this month. Be sure to register be going out for you run!

Be sure to register for all the Turkey Trots you plan to run this November!

Have you ever taken part in a Turkey Trot? Which one will you try this year? Tell us in the comments below.