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Simple Ways to Add Fall Foliage to your Wedding Day

Set a warm atmosphere at a chilly fall wedding with these helpful tips!

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Tying the knot in the fall not only makes for a beautiful and serene setting, but also leaves you with lots of natural perks that will help save money. Using the nature around you allows you to do some things on your own, helping to cut down costs, which is very important while planning a wedding.
Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, you can still use the natural elements to help set the perfect mood. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out these great tips on adding those warm hints of fall to your big day
One of the very first things on a bride and groom’s planning list is to figure out where the wedding will take place. If you really want to bring the fall to life on your special day, it is a great idea to have an outdoor wedding where you can allow nature to take over all on its own! The perfect fall spot would be a state park, where you can tie the knot below the trees and changing color leaves. This is a budget friendly idea and allows you to have a ton of space for your reception. To get married in a park, you will most likely need to receive a permit, which is quite easy to get if you give yourself enough planning time. 
An outdoor venue such as a park will allow you to take the most gorgeous photos! There are plenty of ideas, you can take photos under the trees, in the leaves, throwing leaves into the air or take a romantic shot up against a tree! The ideas are endless and the photos will come out gorgeous, with beautiful pops of fall colors. 
When it comes to decorating for a fall wedding, a must have is warm colors! It may be a bit chilly out, so you want to set that warm, toasty feel for you and your guests. Throw some fall foliage into your wedding aisle by lining it with leaves of all sorts. You can add a floral arrangement at the end of each seating aisle as well, with colors that compliment the leaves on the floor. 
For when you reach the altar, create an arch made of branches to get married under. Decorate the branches with leaves and flowers that will match your color scheme. You can even throw some rope lighting onto the arch to illuminate the area where you will be tying the knot! This will look great in photos and will really kick off the romantic tone of the evening.
The flowers you choose to represent your theme will make a huge statement on your wedding day. You want to stick with the warm colors when it comes to the floral arrangements as well. Add lots of leaves and branches to the arrangements to make it more outdoorsy. A way to save money is to use actual leaves that you find and incorporate them into the flowers and other decor. Some other great natural elements to use are acorns, pine cones, logs or mini tree stumps. Include these items into your bouquet as well, filling it with lots of foliage that will stand out as you walk down the aisle!
Food & Drinks
The food and beverages you choose for your big day are an important detail to your evening. You want your guests to be satisfied and you also want the food and drinks to go with your theme, if possible! To do this, choose drinks with fall flavors such as cranberry, pomegranate and apple. A wonderful idea is to create an apple cider station, one for the adults and one for the kids! 
For the food, opt for some of your favorites for the actual meal and think outside the box when it comes to snacks and desserts. Set up a station just for caramel apples, where your guests can make their own! Include an assortment of pies, such as apple and pumpkin, along with other goodies like trail mix and popcorn! Enhance the food tables with fall accents and colors, this way the theme is still being portrayed all throughout. 
Your friends and family will spend a good amount of time at their table, eating, laughing and making conversation with one another. Be sure to set an enjoyable mood for them before they begin a night of dancing! Set the table with beautiful seasonal napkins, linens and placemats. You can decorate each table the same or switch it up a bit and delegate one fall color to each table. One can be covered with a brown linen, topped with orange napkins and placemats, while the other has a red linen, complete with brown decor. 
Your centerpieces will tie the entire table together, so be sure to choose something that will flow nicely with the rest of the table decor. Choose a nature theme for the centerpieces and surround it with candles and pine cones or leaves. Your guests will truly feel like they’re at a grand fall feast, complete with all the natural components!
Remember, use the outdoors as much as you can to help you decorate. This style wedding really allows for you to pick things on your own and incorporate them into pretty much anything!
Have a fall foliage idea you would like to share with us? Comment below!