How to Keep the Winter Chills Out of Your Wedding!

With the colder weather coming in, its time to start thinking about keeping it out of your wedding day!

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Winter is coming. Though it seems like fall may just be arriving, cooler temperatures are coming in fast! So what can you do to help fight off the chill in your wedding? During a winter wedding, guests love to come in to a cozy reception and to feel comforted. Plus fighting off cold temperatures allows for a more intimate feel to a wedding, like you are all keeping warm together! So what can you do to make your wedding super cozy and keep those cold winter winds out? The easiest thing to do is to think about what you normally do during a snow storm, which could very likely happen on your wedding day if you are having it in the later winter months!
So what was your favorite thing to do during a snow day? Cozy up next to a fire? Drink endless amounts of hot chocolate? Well you can do those things on your wedding day too! When looking at reception sites, look for one that has a fireplace in the main ballroom or in the lobby where guests can hang out and warm up. If you were a hot chocolate lover, you can have a hot chocolate bar during your dessert. Have all different types of hot chocolate, white, milk, and dark, plus a ton of toppings and biscotti for dipping! You can also give out little hot chocolate kits for your favors simply composed of hot chocolate powder and marshmallows! 
How else is can you fight off those winter chills? Having a course for soup would be a great idea. Soup is supremely comforting during the cold months and will be most welcome by your guests! For the main course you can also have an option of stew or it can be served during the cocktail hour. Stick to foods that have comfort written all over them and that can remind your guests of their favorite cold winter memories. Also think about having warm pasta dishes like penne alla vodka or even a fancy macaroni and cheese! 
You also want to make sure that the space is plenty warm. Check and see if there are any space heaters available if the heat is not enough. Throw cozy blankets over the back of any couches that are in the lobby or in the reception. This will give the feel of being in your own home on a cold winter day. Remember to wear winter attire as well, sleeved wedding dresses are totally in!