Jack-o-Lantern Carving Made Easy - Perfecting Your Pumpkin This Halloween!


Halloween is just around the corner, and one of the season’s most beloved traditions is pumpkin carving.

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Although carving might seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be - you don’t need to be too crafty to create something spooky!  We’ve rounded up some useful tips for those of you who need some assistance starting out, and scary-good ideas for creating the perfect pumpkins this Halloween Season
Most people use a knife to carve out their pumpkins, but there are a multitude of great tools that can be used to create your masterpiece.  Did you know you could use a drill to carve a pumpkin?  According to CraftyNest.com, the drill goes smoothly through the pumpkin making it much easier to carve.  Another great reason to use a drill is that it will leave you with perfect circles - making more complicated carvings a breeze.
If you’re looking for tools that are a bit more kid-friendly so that the little ghouls can help out with the carving this year, Pumpkin Masters has pumpkin carving kits that both you and the kids can utilize. Their kits include tons of unique patterns, as well as all the necessary tools to help put together the perfect creation.  These kits will leave an impressive mark and will have you using them year after year! They also offer additional carving patterns for free on their website - great for if you’re looking to create something different this year. 
Another fun, unique twist on traditional jack-o-lanterns is mixing and matching their features - Martha Stewart’s Collection conveniently offers a variety of mix-and-match patterns so that you can give your gourd any face you’d like! If you’re tired of the same old triangle-eyed pumpkin, these templates are perfect for you. The mix-and-match patterns will help you to make your pumpkins one of a kind - your neighbors will be be green with envy!  Some of templates include a witch silhouette, a feisty cat, haunted houses and some seasonal patterns such as leaves and vines.
If taking the carving route isn’t for you, there is always painting!  Painting makes it much easier to create something beautiful that might be too complicated to carve for beginners, and it is also safer for the kids. It’s an easy clean up as well - since you do not have to take all the sticky insides out, and a table is easily covered in newspaper.  You can dress up your pumpkin by using glitter or items such as buttons and bows to make them really stand out this season.  When painting, the options are limitless, and you can simply create a fun and spooky work of art!
No matter what your style, it’s time to get started and allow your creative side to come out this Halloween season. Think outside the box and enjoy!
Are you a pro when it comes to carving pumpkins? Share your creations with us! Email us at photos@longisland.com, and we’ll be sure to include your spooktakular pumpkin pictures in our upcoming Halloween Gallery!
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