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Special Weather Statement issued January 24 at 10:07PM EST by NWS Upton NY A band of light to moderate snow showers moving across Long Island and southern Connecticut should bring at least a coating of accumulation, and as much as an inch across portions of interior southern Connecticut. Slippery travel is possible, especially on less traveled and untreated roadways. Motorists should use extra caution if driving tonight. The light snow should end before midnight in most places, but could linger until about 1 AM east of the Connecticut River and across the forks of Long Island.

Trick or Treating Safely This Halloween

Everyone should enjoy Halloween night. From children to pets, precautions need to be taken in account for so everyone has a fun night. Check out our trick or treating guide and trick or treating events ...

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There is nothing more fun than dressing up and collecting candies all night on Halloween. There are some precations that all Long Islanders must take this fall so that everyone has a safe night of trick or treating. 

The Center of Diease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made an acronym to help eveyone remember how they should be safe on Halloween night:

Sword and other weapon accesories should be short, soft, and flexible

Avoid trick or treating alone. There is always power in numbers

Fasten relfective tape to your costume and bags so drivers can see you at night.

Examine all treats for tampering before eating.

Hold a flashlight to help other see you. Walk to each house. Don't run.

Always test costume make-up on your skin before the big day. You might be allergic.

Look both way before crossing the street. Stay on sidewalks as much as possible.

Lower risk for eye injury by not wearing decorative contact lenses that are not prescribed.

Only walk on sidewalks whenevr possible, or on the far edge facing traffic.

Wear masks, costumes, and shoes that fit well to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.

Eat only brand name wrapped treats. Do not eat homemade treats by strangers.

Enter homes only if you are with an adult. Only visit well lit homes. 

Never walk near lit candles or flames. Wear flame-resistant costumes.

Pet Safety

Not only do humans need to be safe, our pets should enjoy Halloween and be safe as well. Here are some Halloween tips for our furry friends.

  • Dress your pet comfortably. If your pet does not like the costume and seems stressed, take it off.
  • Add reflective tape to your pet's costume so drivers can see your pet in the dark.
  • Consider getting a microchip before the festivities, just in case your pet gets scared or lost while trick or treating.
  • Chocolate and a lot of other candies are toxic to pets. Keep them out of your pet's reach.
  • At the home, keep your pet separate from the front door as to prevent your pet from getting out or shocking a trick or treater.
  • Have an outdoor cat, consider taking your cat in for the night to prevent from from getting into candy bowls that are left outside or hurt in the dark by unknowing trick or treaters.
  • If anything else, keep your pet safe and inside on Halloween.

Who you taking out for trick or treating on Halloween? How do you plan to stay safe? Tell us in the comments below!

[Source for Safe Halloween Acronym provided by the CDC]