Hay, How About a Hay Ride? 2013 Guide to Long Island Hay Rides


Another great fall activity is going on a hay ride. Long Island offers many chances for you and your family to enjoy a ride. So, check one out!

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Hay is simply dried grass that is stored for feeding animals on a farm. However, starting in Kansas, hay rides have become popular and part of who we are as a country. All over the United States, people are enjoying hayrides as a yearly tradition...and corn mazes too.

hay rides consists of people sitting in a open truck or pulled by a truck in a wagon or sleigh. Generally hayrides include pumpkin picking which is another great fall activity

Now, there are even haunted hay rides! It is very convenient that hay rides and Halloween fall at the same time of year. So, check out at least one this fall.

Hay Rides

Haunted Hay Rides

What type of hay ride do you like? Will you try a haunted one this year? Tell us in the comments below!