Learning to Rub the Right Way


Learning to Rub People The Right Way on Long Island Ahhhhhhhh. The subtle smell of herbal lotions and sweet, clear essential oils. There's a peaceful glow of a candle standing on the dresser, ...

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Learning to Rub People The Right Way on Long Island


The subtle


of herbal lotions and sweet, clear essential oils. There's a peaceful glow of a candle standing on the dresser, it throws a soft light that flutters gently on the ceiling and walls. Music is playing quietly somewhere in this little cocoon of a room. A few flowers, some books in the bookcase, and the little table next to a chair for you so that you can sit down and be comfortable while changing. The crystal bowl on the little table is for your jewelry, or your watch. There are clean, fresh sheets on the massage table, that is standing in the middle of this refuge, with a bolster or pillow that will lie under your knees for comfort and support as you lie on your back. You are so relaxed, kind of dozing as you await the arrival of your massage therapist. You are covered with a large soft fluffy towel, and over that, wrapped in a sheet so you will feel warm and secure.

All of these "props" help make up the environment for a massage, each play a very important roll in the "massage experience". This is how it is in my massage room, and I love it!

I go to work to loose the stress that life brings on. It's usually the reverse for many people.... they leave work to get away from the stress. Happily, the wonderful truth is that

there is no stress in a massage room!

That's exactly why I made a mid-life career change, and became a massage therapist, simply so that I could "work" in that kind of an environment.

Sitting at my desk in my old job...I knew that STRESS KILLS. And I thought that if I had to do this job for another 20 or 30 years, it would kill me! How many people are in situations like that? A lot, I'd bet! So when my clients come in, they get the whole enchilada because they need it, and they deserve it.

All of the nice things in the massage room serve a purpose. The


, of course, is very relaxing, almost hypnotic after a crazy day at work or with the family.

Flowers, books, nice furnishings

, these all help create a sense of calming, like being in a wonderful den or a study.

Now the


is all of this, and a little more. You see, when a client listens to the music, it distracts the mind. Thoughts are lured away from the "laundry list" of things that need to be done, or things that shouldn't have been done. It helps one to stop thinking about all the things that one wants to forget and leave behind them for a little while. Music also plays a part in


, and there


healing that goes on during a massage. Sound resonates with the cells and molecules in our bodies. A lot of the music that is played in a massage room is made up of pitches and tones that vibrate or resonate at frequencies that help sooth or heal parts of our body, our mind, and our soul. Some could say it is "Soul Music" in it's truest sense.

Now there are places where great massages are going on that have a bit of a different environment. For example, I've done massage on clients at their homes, on their decks, with nothing but the sounds of sea gulls, and ocean surf! Warm sun, soft gentle breezes ... not bad at all! Fresh, clean, rhythmic.... this works for me. I've done massages in doctor's offices with some music, and the hum of a computer, or another type of machine. Not the most conducive environment for immediate relaxing, but in a short time, the sounds fade into the background and you're in the "zone"!

So, I wanted to take the time to explain to you, if you are a new therapist or a client, why we do the things we do. Nope, we are not weird, there is a method to the madness, and it's all for the client so that they can get the most out of their treatment.

Well, I can go on and on about the reasons for relaxation during a massage. Maybe I'll continue a little more about it in my next article. I do want to talk about oils and lotions that are used and why.

I also want to introduce

Essential Oils

to everyone, and the importance of their use in the massage room.

Since I do Essential Oil Therapy, I may have to do two articles on that.

Don't worry, you'll love it! See Ya Soon!

Luv & Lite,