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Choosing The Right Window Covering for your space...

When it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere within your home it is essential that you match your personal taste with the style & design of your houses' architecture. Just because your favorite color is ...

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When it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere within your home it is essential that you match your personal taste with the style & design of your houses' architecture. Just because your favorite color is fuschia and you love toile does not mean you should have hot-pink Victorian drapes made for your ultra-contemporary 20' floor-to-ceiling windows. It is very important that you take into consideration the style of your home when choosing window treatments. Different style homes call for different details. Following are a few suggestions with regard to home style and choice of window coverings.

Colonial, Georgian, & Victorian homes tend to have smaller rooms with smaller windows. They also tend to have more wood floors and decorative wood trim mouldings around window frames. These homes would benefit from window treatments of drapes made of lush fabrics such as velvets, velours, toiles, and moires in rich deep colors that reflect the grandeur of their time period.

Contemporary, Neo-Classical, Mediterranean & Post-Modern style homes tend to have larger rooms and larger windows that would be accented quite nicely with elegant Vertical Blinds, Roman Shades, Sheers and Silhouettes.

English Tudors, French Normandy and Spanish-Style Architecture tend to have smaller windows and utilize rounded arches and angled roof & ceiling lines. Many of these homes are older and are constructed using more plaster & cement and textured walls than newer homes with flat smooth walls. These houses have a unique appeal and one that should be accented with European fabrics and Custom Arch Window covers.

Ranches, Hi-Lines, & Capes are less limited when it comes to choosing a proper style of window treatment. Your possibilities are endless as far as selecting your personal favorites to accent your windows in these style homes. These houses tend to have bay windows and sliding doors which are covered quite beautifully in Custom Vertical Blinds.

Summer cottages, Bathrooms, Home-Offices, Libraries and even enclosed Porches all make wonderful rooms for wood shutters. Whether using real woods or waterproof wood laminates, in white or natural shades the effect is one of creating a bright & welcoming or intimate & cozy room.

A few more things to keep in mind when choosing the correct window treatments for your home... Color can effect moods and create drama. It is key that you select the right colors for the right rooms. The following is a suggested guideline to keep in mind when selecting colors for your home.

Red, Burgundy, Orange and Yellow are warm, cheery and intimate. These colors make large rooms seem smaller.

Blue, Green and Purple are cool, serene colors. They calm and soothe and make small rooms appear larger.

Brown, Beige, Tan, Grey and White are neutrals. These colors connect other colors.

Similar colors create harmony. If you want to have a serene, harmonious room --choose your window treatments in a similar color to your walls within a couple of shades. If you want drama... choose opposite colors for your window coverings.

Keep your window treatments in proportion to the size of your room and windows. You don't want to overwhelm your family and guests with massive window embellishments that detract from your homes natural beauty. Remember, gaudy is out, less is definitely more when decorating your home.

Regarding Budget & Quality...Spending more up front for good quality products saves you money in the long run because you do not have to replace your window treatments as often as you would if you went with lower priced goods. It's ok to go with cheap if it is a temporary living arrangement such as a college dorm or a part-time apartment residence. However, you wouldn't want to skimp on what is probably the biggest investment of your life...Your home deserves the best. And because of this, it's best to choose your home dcor wisely and have it installed properly by professionals who guarantee their work.

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