What Exactly is a Psychic Medium?


By Robert E. Hansen Greetings Long Island! Have you ever considered the notion of life after death? Ever experienced a sense that there is more to life than what is here on earth? ...

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By Robert E. Hansen

Greetings Long Island!

Have you ever considered the notion of life after death? Ever experienced a sense that there is more to life than what is here on earth? Perhaps you have even considered a visit to a psychic medium to learn more.

Greetings, my name is Robert E. Hansen and I am a practicing "Psychic Medium" here on Long Island and would like to introduce myself as a new addition in the "Ask The Experts" directory of LongIsland.com. Over the next several months, I will be contributing articles that answer the most pressing questions about Mediumship and the Paranormal. I hope you will benefit from my input, as I take you along on a journey to the other side of the veil. If you would like to view additional questions that have been presented to me over the years, please feel free to check out our FAQ page of questions at


To begin the process of conversation, I thought we would address what exactly a psychic medium is and how they work with clients. I sincerely hope you find this information useful.

In light and love,

Robert E. Hansen, Psychic Medium

"What exactly is a Medium?"

A medium is a person who acts as an intermediary between this life and the afterlife. He is a person who can interpret, dissect and present information to you regarding a loved one who has passed. He does this in a way that will make perfect sense to you and your family members. He is a person who is 'sensitive' to the energy of spirit and can translate what is being offered to you into workable, accurate information. With that said, we will refer to Robert E. Hansen as the Medium in the following paragraphs.

Once the energy of spirit has been established, Robert may give you the name of someone directly connected to you, who may either be the spirit you are looking to connect with or a particular spirit calling out to a family member. Once the name, place or circumstance is acknowledged, the energy moves in closer and becomes intensified. He may use dates, cause of death, nicknames or perhaps fragrances associated with that spirit. The information is always astounding as well as emotional and is offered by Robert strictly for the purpose of healing.

When Robert presents a name to you, it is NOT always the person who has passed. As stated earlier, they may be calling out to a family member, so be aware of those family members and close ties around you when confirming information. In addition, please limit your answers to yes or no, unless he asks you about something specific that can only be interpreted by you.

Here's How The Information Comes to Robert

A) He can envision an object or circumstance in his mind's eye, similar to you visualizing a green and white striped beach umbrella blowing away on a windy day at the shore. This is called 'Clairvoyance', however, Robert doesn't understand the meaning of what he sees, but. YOU will. This is how spirit uses Roberts "frame of reference" to deliver accurate, undeniable information that pertains ONLY to you.

B) He can hear what's being said within reason. For example; if you were lying on the bottom of a 6' deep swimming pool and someone was trying to yell down to you. The range of 'hearing' would be muffled at best. That is why "Rob" and "Ron" sound similar to him as well as perhaps "Kenny" and "Kevin" among many possible name combinations.

C) Robert has 'empathic' abilities as well. This means that not only can he feel emotions of the spirit, but he may be allowed to feel what happened at the moment of death. For instance, if the person passed from a heart attack, he may feel crushing pressure in his chest until the cause of death is acknowledged by family members. He may also feel heat or smell smoke from a fire, or he may feel impact as in a sudden car accident.

A Helpful Analogy

When presented with information, please take your time and THINK before answering Robert. If you answer "NO" too quickly, then most likely you do not understand the process by which the information comes through to him. In turn, this creates incredible frustration for the spirit trying to make contact with you. To help you visualize the process, consider the switchboard operator.

Imagine physically sitting in a room of 80 people who want to make contact with a loved one. Now, imagine an additional 80 people on the "other side" waiting to be heard, that's 160 people in a 2 hr. time span. Robert speaks to as many people as the energy of spirit provides. At the average Love Never Ends seminar, Robert spends approximately 5-7 minutes on a "phone call", then he moves on to another reading.

Robert E. Hansen Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor approaches his clients with insight, humor, love and compassion as he leads them towards healing and inner peace. For thirty five years, Robert has studied throughout the United States and Japan in pursuit of excellence in the martial arts, spirituality and psychic communication. He has become one of New York's premier Psychic Mediums. Through his "Love Never Ends" bereavement seminars, Mr. Hansen offers comfort, hope, and understanding to those who have lost family members and friends.