Federal Grant Bolsters Bomb Squads on Long Island


Long Island counties to receive $450K in funding.

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A Suffolk County Police Emergency Services vehicle. Photo: DanTD [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

New York State has secured $2MM in Homeland Security Grant Program funding to combat the threat from improvised explosive devices and some of that money will be distributed to Nassau and Suffolk Counties for their bomb squad divisions. The money will help to equip and train local FBI-accredited bomb squads to locate and prevent potential emergencies caused by improvised explosive devices or IEDs.


"These grants will help ensure our local bomb squads have the funding and resources they need to continue serving and protecting their communities, creating a safer New York for all,” said New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo in a statement announcing the grant.


According to the statement, the funding will also be used by local bomb squad teams to enhance and improve coordination with law enforcement organizations, including specialty teams such as tactical and explosive detection canine, and regional partners.


“This funding will not only afford them the training they need to keep up with emerging threats, but also ensure they have the resources necessary for responding to some of the most dangerous situations faced by law enforcement,” said Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Patrick Murphy.


Nassau County is expected to receive $234,180 from the funds and Suffolk County will get $218,180.


The announcement comes after a bomb scare on a Port Jefferson ferry closed down service this month as police investigated. Ultimately, the claim turned out to be false and no actual explosive devices were found but the incident highlights the need for these emergency services divisions and the seriousness of the threat.