Tuesday's Top 10: aMAZEing Corn Mazes


Have an aMAZEing time in a corn maze! Find your way through the field of towering cornstalks.

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After a summer of eating delicious local corn, the corn fields are transformed into mazes.  The larger-than-life corn mazes offer the challenge of finding your way through winding paths to solve a mystery, claim a prize, or just make it to the other side - a perfect fall activity that gets kids and parents working together or gets the competitive juices flowing.  Wear comfortable shoes or rainboots, if it has recently rained to walk through the acres upon acres of the maze.  Many of the farms offer a hay ride out to the entrance of the corn mazes.  Some of the corn mazes are opened after dark for a spooky experience. 
Mazes are a great metaphor for life. Each of us is on a journey and each of us knows what it feels like to be lost. Could there be a more personally connective experience than that of exploring a maze with other people? 
Choosing the right path. Making the right decision. Going the wrong way. Going the right way. Finding a clue. Persisting in the face of defeat. Continuing the struggle to understand. Building on past experiences. Remembering. Discovering. Searching. Escaping. Achieving.
Here are our favorite corn mazes.

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