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Eastern Gymnastics Center 32 Southern Blvd, Nesconset, NY 11767 631-360-9737 My son was never really all that crazy about cra

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Eastern Gymnastics Center

32 Southern Blvd, Nesconset, NY 11767

My son was never really all that crazy about craft time or sitting in circles singing. He wanted to be running and climbing. I heard about the gymnastics program at Eastern Gymnastics and long story short: this is Luc's second year. He LOVES it there. He really thrives in this environment. They are very low key... it's okay if your kid prefers to run in circles and the rest of the kids are on the trampoline. The instructors are SENSATIONAL here. I highly recommend gymnastics as a great way of teaching your child coordination, body awareness, strength, and it's a great ego boost.

The Music Room at Brooksite

30 Brooksite Drive, Smithtown

Laurie Mueller, contact person

Programs available:

All programs use the Musikgarten music curriculum and meet weekly for 12 week semesters on Thursday or Saturday mornings.

Baby and Me:

for caregivers and babies through 17 months -- 30 minute class

Beginnings in Music:

for caregivers and toddlers 18 months - 3 years (not yet in 3yr preschool) -- 45 minute class

The Cycle of Seasons:

for children in 3 or 4 year old preschool. 45 minute class; caregivers join for the last 10 minutes only

Music Makers 1 and 2:

for children in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Class is approximately one hour with caregivers joining for last 10 minutes to share activities

Family Music:

for people with 2 or more children who want to put them in the same class -- can include children birth-4 years with their parents/caregivers.

All programs include singing, listening, playing simple rhythm instruments, and movement activities. As the children get older, the complexity of activities increases, and they have the opportunity to play in small ensembles of pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. They also begin to read and write music notation in the Music Makers classes.

More information contact Laurie via


or old fashioned phone call: 631-348-0191.

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The Original Mommy & Me
2233 Nesconset Highway, Lake Grove, NY 11755
631) 467-4409

This is a really nice program. It's a caring and fun environment. They also have seperation classes
if you are planning on sending your child to nursery school in the future. I think Mom & Me starts
at age 6 months.

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