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Frugal and Fun Fall Date Ideas

With Fall right around the corner, consider some of these frugal and fun ideas for your next date!

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As summer just about comes to a close, the long afternoons at the beach are sadly dwindling away with it. Thankfully, however, the end of summer simply makes way for the incoming Fall Season, which brings a plethora of fun and enjoyable seasonal activities to Long Island. Though the air may be getting chillier, the change of weather should be used to inspire new and creative ways to savor all Long Island has to offer.

Whether it be a day shared between spouses or a first date for relative strangers, Fall ushers in a tremendous amount of potential date ideas. While many of these prospective afternoons and nights on the town may take a toll on the wallet, Fall dates certainly don't have to be expensive or elaborate. The most memorable dates are often the ones that are quiet, peaceful, and thankfully for your bank account, cheap. If you're looking for an interesting idea to surprise your date with this Fall, check out the following list of frugal and fun activities that will surely create lasting memories.

Go Apple Picking
With many apple orchards and farms boasting cheap rates for an afternoon of strolling through beautiful scenery, apple picking is a great, classic option for F
all fun. With locations spread all across Long Island, there is bound to be an orchard or farm near you waiting to be explored.

Take a Scenic Drive
The changing Fall scenery combined with a soothing drive can make for a relaxing, conversation-filled afternoon with your date. From Oyster Bay to Montauk, Long Island is filled with areas boasting terrific scenery that will make for a truly memorable adventure.

Plan a Coffee Sampling Tour of Local Cafes
Compile a list of some local cafes and travel to each to sample the coffee or tea. Not only will the warm beverages complement the chilly temperatures, but the experience of venturing to new locations will be a day to remember.

Go On a Nature Hike
Head out to one of Long Island's best nature trails and enjoy the incredible Fall scenery as you and your date enjoy the simple pleasure of each others' company.

Spend The Day At a Fall Festival
Enjoy all of the activities that Fall festivals and street fairs have to offer while spending the day with your special date.

Dinner Under The Stars
Cook a nice meal for your date and have the two of you enjoy it on a late-night trip to the beach. Not only will the beach provide an excellent backdrop for the date, but reduced light pollution will allow the two of you to try and name stars and constellations.

Get Creative With Pumpkin Carving
In the mood for a low-key date at home? Let your inner artist shine by carving pumpkins with fun faces and designs. Have some paint and accessories on hand in order for you and your date to be as creative and unique as you both would like.

Enjoy a Bike Ride Along Your Favorite Trail
From the Trail View State Park in Huntington to the Cathedral Pines County Park in Middle Island, there are numerous options for enjoying the Fall foliage while being active and getting some exercise.

Make an Apple or Pumpkin Pie From Scratch
Bonding over a project like baking can be a great way for you and your date to spend some quality time together. Likewise, once the pie is finished, you will both have a delicious treat to enjoy over a great conversation.

Stay In With A Horror Movie Marathon
Break out the blankets and warm cocoa and have a relaxing evening watching movies at home. With Halloween right around the corner, try and make it a horror movie marathon.  Not only will it create a spooky atmosphere, but it will also certainly give you and your date reason to be extra close on the couch.

What are some of your favorite frugal and fun Fall date ideas?
Let Us Know in the Comments Below!

Photo by Carol Dellinger, via Free Images.