Macaws Anyone that is thinking of getting a parrot for a pet must remember that parrots live a longtime, with macaws having a life span of about 80 ...

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Anyone that is thinking of getting a parrot for a pet must remember that parrots live a longtime, with macaws having a life span of about 80 years. You must have patience to deal with a creature that has the mentality of a two-year-old. One, who loves, is mischievous, faithful, loves to make a mess when eating and has a voracious appetite to chew anything in sight. That can include molding, doors, banisters, carpeting, window frames, remote controls, drawers, and silverware. If it fits in their beak, it's history. Owning several macaws, I can speak from experience. My hyacinth, Kina, has a loving personality. While he tries to be gentle, he forgets he has a big beak, and in his playfulness can bite down a little hard. He is great with children and can entertain thousands at a pet expo. He loves posing for pictures on the heads of kids, whose arms are too short. Of course, being the largest of the macaws, he's also the most expensive, selling in the $7000-$10,000 price range. Topaz, the blue throat, is about 10 macaws wrapped up in one little, mischievous body. Though territorial in his surroundings, he is very loveable in the public. Blue throats are also on the endangered species list and can cost from $2500-$4000. Scarlets have a tendency to be loveable, but at the same time are very nippy. They are plentiful in Florida, as I found out, when I visited there a few years ago. Beware of breeders trying to sell unweaned babies. If you're not experienced, this is a venture that should be delayed, as cute as the little bundle of nakedness may seem. Your inexperience could cause his death by way of crop burn or slow crop digestion. Depending on location and age, a scarlet could range from $1500-$2500. Blue & golds are the most common macaw, costing approximately $1000. Blue & Gold's tend to be a one-person bird, but are so very faithful, loyal and affectionate. Greenwing's can be so hugh and are certainly gorgeous, but beauty isn't everything. When thinking of purchasing a macaw, one must have the proper space available to house these magnificent creatures. A 3' x 4' cage is a necessity. These birds are inquisitive and their beaks can break the soldering of an inferior cage. They need plenty of space to spread those tremendous wings. I actually keep my macaws in their own 10' 15' room. 5 macaws hang out together, while two of my breeders have their own 4 x 5 foot section. Lately, while mama is sitting on her eggs, Daddy wants to come and socialize with the other group. I think he's getting tired of being cooped up, but he is as friendly as ever. Macaws have voracious appetites and need more than seed to survive on. I find it amazing that when I am questioned about my birds, that others find it fascinating that I feed my guys, steak, chicken, scrambled eggs, apples corns, yams and macaroni. And this is on a nightly basis. Any parrot can actually eat anything that you eat except chocolate, avocados and caffeine. They like variety as much as you do. After I prepare their dishes, I sprinkle with a handful of seed and pellets, as a garnish. Makes the food look appealing. I've also learned to use ceramic dishes, since the macaws have a tendency to overturn the lightweight metal bowls. While I enjoy my smaller greys, cockatoos and amazons, I wouldn't give up any of my 15 macaws. I just love the special macaw personality. Be prepared to leave your macaw in your will, since these birds will most likely outlive you. They may look cute and tempting in the fish tank in the store, but they quickly grow up, and need years of attention and nurturing. If you are prepared for this commitment, then prepare for a lifetime of pleasure and happiness.