On Saturday, August 13th, My Time Has Come „¢ Program conducted a free self-empowering workshop for college bound high school students at Molloy College in Rockville Centre. This pilot event was the vision of Madona ...

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On Saturday, August 13th, My Time Has Come „¢ Program conducted a free self-empowering workshop for college bound high school students at Molloy College in Rockville Centre. This pilot event was the vision of Madona Cole-Lacy, the Founder of My Time Has Come „¢, in response to what she sees as a need for 21st century youth to be prepared for college in innovative, no-nonsense, healthy and honest ways that speaks to the issues that confront them today. Thus, the self-empowerment workshop was developed to arm students with the tools they need for social, emotional and academic readiness for college. John Clark, MD, FAAFP, the rapping doctor and Medical Director of the MTA, kicked off the event with a spirited presentation which included video and live performance of his "Health Hop" songs that he has written to address health issues of concern to youth. Other area professionals engaged in an open, healthy dialogue with the youths who enthusiastically received them. "I thought I had heard it all," commented Madona Branch, a Wellesley College bound high school graduate and workshop attendee, "but the tips and advice I was given today were new to me and very relevant."

Madona Cole-Lacy, M.A. Ed., and her husband, James A. Lacy, LCSW, of My Time Has Come, were selflessly joined by Gail King, M.A.Ed., Miss Senior America (2009 - 2010); Minister Sharon Gordon, a Nassau County Police Department Special Victims Detective with a BA degree in Psychology; and Dr. Charles Green , Chair of the Sociology Department & Professor at Hunter College, New York. The overall sentiment expressed was that of satisfaction at being able to make a contribution towards meeting an area of need for Long Island youth. "Last Saturday morning at the Molloy College William J. Casey Center, Madona Cole-Lacy proved to all of us who were present, the importance of that old adage: "don't just sit around waiting for your ship to come in; sometimes it is necessary to go out and meet it."
Ms. Cole, came to the realization that the only way our young people will experience a much needed pre-college workshop to help them bridge the transition from high school to college life, would be if parents and the general community designed and offered the workshop themselves," remarked Charles Green, Ph.D. In the true spirit of community collaboration, some members of the Long Island business community donated their services and products too. These include Molloy College, through the efforts of Cynthia Metzger; Pat Edwards, Citi Bank Vice President, Community Development Long Island who commented, "Citi Community Development has a strong commitment to support financial education and through our efforts we are reaching hundreds of people, helping them to achieve their dreams by giving them the tools to make informed financial decisions and manage their finances responsibly." Jeffery Levy, Director of the Long Island Dale Carnegie Institute for Strategic Planning, observed, "There is no longer an instruction manual for college-bound students, nor for any one else in business or life, frankly, for being successful. So much depends on our emotional character and our ability to think creatively. That's why a program like this is so vital - it's practical, down to earth and gets students thinking." Bed Bath & Beyond; Subway and the following North Bellmore businesses: Dunkin Donuts; Gino's Tuscany Restaurant & Pizzeria and Preferred Wireless Services, Inc (Verizon wireless retailer) donated door prizes, items for the goodie bags and delicious food for breakfast and lunch.

My Time Has Come „¢ Program develops and presents art related social and cultural enrichment activities designed to assist people of all ages and varied social, economic and cultural backgrounds to successfully navigate life's challenges. Issues such as parent/child relationships, peer relationships and dress etiquette are addressed through workshops. My Time Has Come „¢ also offers professional development workshops for teachers and consultation to agencies and organizations around staff and program development. In addition to workshops; educational fashion shows/presentations, cultural observances, motivational speeches and musical presentations are offered. These programs are presented at schools, local libraries, churches, synagogues, as well as juvenile detention centers.

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