Contemporary Art Gallery Opening

An emerging artist self funds his own work and gallery on a busy street in Southampton.

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The grand opening of Denis Leon Gallery (@superdleon) on 79 Jobs lane Southampton, NY 11968. Opening reception starts at 6pm. Jobs lane will be shut down to car traffic. Live DJ will be performing from the roof of the building. Denis Leon will be making one of his art works live in the middle of the closed street and a guest artist Artem Mirolevich will be projecting video on one of his paintings.

Denis Leon is the founder of Denis Leon & Co Photographers (@denisleonphoto), a well known boutique event photography studio, photographing events for the elite society of the tri-state area and all over the world for the last 15 years. Once the corona virus hit and the events business came to a sudden stop, Denis used this opportunity as a silver lining to activate and continue his passion and love for making art. Already having an established name for his art work among his clientele, he decided to take it a step further and self fund by opening his own gallery on a busy street in Southampton. It’s approach is an uncommon practice for the artist to curate and have his own gallery. As most artists turn to established galleries to have their work exhibited and potentially sold, Denis prefers to have control on how his work is displayed and presented to a potential buyer and most importantly he is at the gallery to meet and connect with the people that are drawn to his work.

The bigger picture for Denis is to not only make art and showcase it at his own gallery, but to also represent and help other emerging artists that are trying to make it in this business. The gallery will be hosting solo shows of emerging and known artists in the weeks and months to come. Not knowing how long the pandemic will last and when Denis’ primary events photography business is going to go back to normal, he is planning to recreate this business model for future gallery locations in Manhattan and Miami to supplement the lost revenue do to the corona virus shut down.

Denis Leon Gallery is a self funded, artist gallery, showcasing contemporary art works of fine art photography and original mixed media made by Denis Leon.