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Nifty Nature Made Crafts For Kids

Going out to the craft store to purchase lots of supplies can get expensive. Why not use things around you in nature instead!

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For those crafty kids out there, and their parents, buying lots of arts and crafts supplies can become quite expensive. From crayons to glitter, construction paper to clay, the bill at the craft store starts to rack up rather quickly. Why not opt for supplies that are easier to get and easier on your pocket!

Oftentimes people forget that some of our very best creative resources are right outside our front door! Making nature made crafts is a great way to save some money, utilize natural resources, and use your imagination. Leaves, rocks, twigs, shells, and so much more, are all right in your backyard, just waiting to be picked up for a great afternoon of creative craft making.

Rock Paperweights
All you need to complete this cute craft is some good size rocks, paint, and a paint brush. First off you need to come up with an idea of how you want to paint your rock. You can paint it like your favorite animal, paint out a small nature scene, or write out short encouraging phrases to help you get through your homework, like, “You Can Do It!” and “Work Hard!”

Leaf Imprint Art
Leaf imprints are especially beautiful because you can see right through the leaves and view the patterns that make up their inside. For this project you’ll need a variety of leaves, in different shapes and patterns, paint, and paper. Simply dip the front of your leaf in paint and press it on the paper until the shape has transferred.

If you’re really taken with your leaf imprint painting try making it again on a canvas and hang it up in your room as beautiful wall art!

Twig Tic Tac Toe
This craft is great because not only do you get to make it, you get to play with it after too! All you need are some sticks, small twigs, and twine (scissors and glue are optional.)

First off you want to find 4 sticks and break them to the same length; they will form your board. Lay them with two sticks parallel from one another and then layer another two sticks parallel from one another across them in the opposite direction. This should resemble the shape of a Tic Tac Toe board. Use the twine to wrap around where the sticks meet, you can use glue to make it extra secure if you’d like.

Then use your small twigs to make X shaped playing pieces. Lay two twigs across one another and wrap the twine in the middle. Grab some nearby rocks and you can start playing.