Perfect Your Memorial Day Picnic with Thrifty Ideas for Kids Games

Shake up your Memorial Day Picnic with great inexpensive and classic games for kids.

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Looking for ways to keep your kids busy at your Memorial Day picnic this weekend?  You don’t have to go to the store and buy the latest and greatest lawn game to keep them occupied for hours.  Instead, try these easy inexpensive ideas using materials you already have at home to make a new game to entertain your kids.  The best part is, many of the best classic games are cheap, so take the time to bond with your kids over your own favorite outdoor games from your childhood, like hopscotch and ring toss.  Take a peek at these ideas for great low-cost games, and collect your supplies before you set off for your picnic!

The Wonders of Chalk
A pack of chalk can go a long way!  Stop by your local dollar store and grab some bright colored chalk to give to the kids if you are picnicking at a park where there is pavement for the kids to use as a canvas.  Pass on your favorite old school games, such as hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and four square, which will be sure to entertain your kids for hours.  Even after they are done playing, they can then make beautiful pictures and designs, which you can take a photo of on your phone so that their artwork can last beyond the next rainstorm.

DIY Twister on the Grass
For a DIY game of Twister on a grassy field, take red, blue, yellow, and green paint and a piece of paper with a large circle cut out in the middle.  Use the paper as a stencil, and paint 6 of each color circle on the grass.  Let the painted grass patches dry in the sun, and then play a game of Twister with friends!

Make Your Own Ring Toss Game
Teach your kids the value of reusing things they already have by taking bottles and using them for a game of ring toss.  The bottles can be put in a crate or low box so that they do not fall down, and kids can throw embroidery hoops, cardboard rings, or any other ring-shaped object and try to get them around the neck of the bottle.  Kids can also write different point values on each bottle as an added challenge.

Hula Hoop Challenges
If your kid loves playing with hula hoops, amp up the game with hula hoop challenges such as “Under Over,” where kids have to line up shoulder to shoulder, hold hands and try to pass a hoop from one child to the next.  You can also challenge your hula hooper to try spinning hula hoops around their arms and around their neck in addition to their waist – and maybe do all three at the same time!

Sponge and Bucket Race
For this game, all you will have to do is go in your bathroom or garage and grab a few buckets and large sponges. Have kids make two or more teams, and give them the challenge to run from one full bucket of water, dunk their sponge in it, and run to the other side of the area to wring the sponge out in another bucket, and keep repeating the process until they fill the bucket or reach a certain point on it.  The first team to meet the goal wins!

See What Your Picnic Spot Already Has to Offer
Some parks and playgrounds already have outdoor games set up, and all you have to do is plunk down your picnic blanket and join in on the fun.  Look for parks that have horseshoes, bocce, and more.  Just make sure you supervise your children in the event that the materials are heavy and dangerous, or other patrons are looking to play.