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Bay Street Theatre's Comedy Club Welcomes Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones brings his straight forward style of comedy to Bay Street Theatre this Monday, July 23rd - it's sure to be a can't miss performance for anyone who loves to laugh.

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This Monday, July 23rd, Orlando Jones will be performing at the Comedy Club at Bay Street Theatre, and after speaking with him earlier this week; it’s safe to say this will be a can’t-miss performance for any Long Islander with a love for comedy. was lucky enough to catch up with Orlando after a wild week that included shooting a movie in Bulgaria, stand up performances around the country, and attending ComicCon promoting his current and upcoming projects. This versatile actor, who has been involved in countless productions both behind and in front of the camera, spoke with us about more than just his current projects – we discussed the importance of staying true to your beliefs, the benefits and freedoms of stand up comedy as opposed to scripted, and much more.

Over the years, Orlando Jones has build up quite the eclectic resume of appearances on television, in commercials, in movies, voice acting for cartoons, and penning numerous scripts. He was an original cast member of MadTV, as well as the creative force behind the “Make 7…Up Yours” 7Up Commercials that became instantly infamous and controversial in the early 2000s – but these are things that Mr. Jones refuses to be defined by.  “I don’t think you’re 100% defined by the job you do.” – something that often holds true, yet is also an opinion that is hard to come by in Hollywood. Jones is unapologetically candid, and his unique, outspoken multifaceted brand of comedy is what makes his nation wide stand up tour such a thrill for anyone who loves a good laugh.
When asked to compare performing stand up to the numerous scripted productions he's been involved in, Jones immediately responded "There's no comparison." He went on the explain a stand up provides the opportunity for "a more intimate experience", due to the "lack of censorship", and the fact that unlike scripted productions, where there are "A lot of cooks in the kitchen", stand up allows Orlando to solely express on what be believes and thinks, with no commercial breaks. "People can congregate and talk about what's actually going on, not the advertising." Jones' raw approach to acting and comedy is what has set him apart, and has been a key factor in both his successes, and controversy.
Orlando Jones is a rare breed in the endless sea of celebrities and larger than life public personalities. His passion for his craft, combined with his sometimes brash, but decidedly truthful take on issues ranging from politics to love stories is what has allowed Jones to transition into many different mediums successfully. He is also hyper-aware of the sometimes ironic downside to life in the limelight - "As an actor...everything is a sound bite." Just last November, Jones was the center of a PR debacle when a punch line about Sarah Palin was taken out of context. "[I] never saw someone sound bite a joke before" was Jones' slightly incredulous response when asked about his reaction to the public backlash. He still sounded almost shocked at the public's response when reflecting on this, noting that he received thousands of hateful messages on Facebook and Twitter. Although this was a highly publicized controversy, Jones seems to be able to roll with the punches, because at the end of the day, he knows the context of the joke, and has developed a thick skin when it comes to the gossip hungry media.
As he's grown over the years, and perfected his personal brand of comedy, Orlando's discovered what's truly important -"I want my legacy to be what I believe and think." This sentiment was more deeply realized recently, and was brought into focus by the birth of his daughter, now two. When preparing to speak with Mr. Jones, I was unsure what to expect from the notoriously outspoken, and absolutely hilarious comedian. After the typical exchange of pleasantries and a quick chat about his upcoming projects, the conversation took an unexpected, but welcomed turn - Jones was refreshingly candid and open. If this is an indication of what to expect at this Monday's performance at Bay Street, than missing Orlando Jones' Long Island tour stop simply isn't an option.
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