Beating the Heatwave During Your Outdoor Wedding!

The heat isn't wavering this weekend, see what you can do to make your outdoor wedding more bearable for you and your guests!

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Summer is officially in full swing as a heat wave sweeps over the Island giving us little to no relief. While most of us are flocking inside to the air conditioning or enjoying one of the Island'a many cooling stations, those who have their wedding plans for this weekend are looking for ways to beat the heat. Once you have your outdoor summer wedding planned, it can be very stressful to try and change the plans to keep you and your guests out of the sweltering weather. Take a look at a few of these quick tips to try and keep your wedding as cool as you can, even if Mother Nature is getting in the way!

First thing is first, if you can get your wedding moved inside and that is an acceptable option for you and your significant other, do that. While the outdoor scenery might be beautiful, you don't want to have to worry about getting dehydrated when you are saying your vows. You can always go it outside intermittently throughout the day to take pictures and you will only add on the romance if you take your pictures at sunset!

If you can't or simply don't want to move your wedding inside then try to make the appropriate provisions to be outside in the excessive heat. Place a bottle of water on each of your guests seat so that they are not in danger of any heat related illness. They will very much appreciate the gesture. As for yourself and the bridal and groom's party, use a parasol to walk down the aisle with and keep with you as you stand outside. The shade will help keep all the makeup and hair in place while providing some relief. If you want to provide a little extra for your guests, buy mini hand-held fans to give away as an extra sort of favor. They will seem invaluable during the ceremony! As for the reception, it is your job to provide shade during this portion. Find somewhere to open up to your guests that will have air conditioning or at least some fans. When it comes to food and drink make sure to offer cold options, like slushies and snow cones!

Lastly, be on the lookout for any heat related illnesses. Symptoms include heavy sweating, weakness, cool, pale, clammy skin, weak pulse, possible muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, fainting, or altered mental state. If you or your guests start to complain of any of these, seek immediate medical attention.