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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and got to enjoy some fireworks in one way or another! I spent it with some great friends and then went for ...

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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and
got to enjoy some fireworks in one way or another!
I spent it with some great friends and then went for
Karaoke afterwards...big surprise there huh? : )

I went to Stouts Ale House on Hempstead Tpke. in East Meadow. If you're just starting out in Karaoke,

I recommend you
try this place.

"Wild Man"

KJ Colin will take your mind off of any trepidation you may be feeling! Believe Me!!!
And if you do get a bit nervous, just look towards the bar and bartender Larry's smile will put you at ease.

There are many beginners that show up so you've got a lot of encouragement from folks who may be feeling a little nervous as well! Colin runs a contest there every Tuesday
nite and no matter what, you're guaranteed some good laughs as he is a very entertaining dude!

To keep your mind off
when your song will come up, you can watch the neat little train that runs around on a track around the whole bar.
It's a pretty young crowd, there are a lot of pierced body parts and colorful tattoos and you'll all be great friends by the end of the night, no matter what your age! Check it out!

There are nights when you can go to a Karaoke bar and get a lot of songs in...then...there are some nights where it seems like everyone and their Uncle Charlie has a song up there to sing. You find yourself just standing around a lot and getting a bit edgy for YOUR song to come up!

{ I hate those nights! :-P }


Of course you have some choices when this happens:


You can go somewhere else! Simple enough!


You can get ticked off and try to bribe the KJ into getting you up there ASAP!!

{ NOT Recommended!! }


Play some pool/ darts/ video games. : )


Start up a conversation with some
fellow Karaoke folks that you may always 'see' but never got to know. Hey, you're all in the same boat and some of the friendliest people I know, I've met through Karaoke!


You can use this time to Really go through the KJ's song books and write up a list of new songs to practice for next time!

You might want to bring along a slip of paper for this or all of your notes will be written on napkins and the backs of blank Lotto cards. You would not believe the pile of song scribbles I have written on such 'stationary'! UGH! I've started to make sure that when it's time to go sing, I always have a little notepad and a pen in my denim jacket pocket! BIG difference!

Last week I found myself in a 'hardly singing' situation and dove into the song book! It was a warm night and my trusty jacket wasn't with me...MORE Lotto ticket scribbles with those nasty little Lotto pencils! But I came home with quite an impressive list of new songs to try out. Now I just have to stay off the computer
long enough to actually give them a sing through!

Do you have
another way of passing the time while anxiously awaiting Your song to be called? Do you know of another bar that would be good
for people new to Karaoke to try out? If you do, why not drop me a line and let me share it here? You can catch me at:


lists of places to sing Karaoke on Long Island, just click at the
bottom where it says

For More Information

I will keep the info for the Karaoke Cruise up for the next few weeks so everyone can get a chance to see it.

There will be a

Karaoke Cruise


Tuesday, September 19, 2000

The cruise will be from 8 PM to 12 AM. Boarding
begins @ 7:30 PM at the Freeport Nautical Mile. Tickets are $50.00 per person, which includes a hot buffet/beer/wine/soda and there will be a cash bar for the 'harder' stuff.

Tickets can be purchased at
Carol's shows at Classics in Levittown Sun. nights, McQuades in Freeport on Thurs. nights or at Callahans in East Meadow on Friday nights. OR you can call Carol @ (516) 783-0454

OR Lori @ (516) 505-0873

Deadline for ticket purchase is September 1st, 2000

(While supplies last)

There will aslo be a 50/50 Raffle, free giveaways and will be featuring the accapella sounds of Moonlight Serenade!

Your cruise will be aboard The Nautical Princess.

How about getting your tickets so you can have a night of singing to the stars?? Sounds nice doesn't it?
See you there!

Keep it Fun, keep it Safe and I'll see you out there on the circuit! : )

Until next time, Sing One For Me!!!