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I Thought You Said You Wanted A Weber?

My husband calls me cheap, I prefer "cost-effective" to describe my spending habits. We are at opposite ends of the totem pole when it comes to spending. We bought a Char-Broil BBQ grill which lasted ...

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My husband calls me cheap, I prefer "cost-effective" to describe my spending habits. We are at opposite ends of the totem pole when it comes to spending. We bought a Char-Broil BBQ grill which lasted about five years. Since it wasn't a "Weber", my husband never put the grill cover on it. It also remained outside the entire time because we did not have enough room for it in the shed. Because it wasn't my husband's favorite name brand he refused to set aside space in his closet to store it inside during the winter.

Around the holidays and his birthday he usually clips out a page from the Home Depot Catalog or the latest fishing equipment magazine and conveniently leaves the not-so-subtle hint on the desk for me to find. "If it's not broke, we don't need to buy a new one," is usually my response when he is trying to convince me to buy something new. It was coming close to Father's Day and the circulars were piling up on the kitchen table, so I started flipping through them for ideas.

The old grill was basically falling apart, so it was time for a new one. My husband reminded me many times how he really wanted a Weber Grill. He said he had conceded to me when making the grill purchase because we really could not afford a Weber. I still think they are expensive, but everyone you talk to is adament that they are the best name in barbeque equipment.

The whole "backyard-bbq-pride-thing" among men is one of those non-sensical things that we women have yet to figure out. The debates about who makes the perfect steak, the best burgers, etc. this is a story unto itself. Bottom line, I decided it was time to make him happy and splurge for the Weber.

Now, if I had gone to the store and bought it myself to surprise him I am sure he would have been extremely pleased. But, I would have heard some small joking remark at a future family bbq about how I was too cheap to buy the "top of the line Weber." So, instead I gave him a shopping assignment.

He mentioned that he was going to Home Depot to pick up a few needed items for around the house. He asked if there was anything I needed. Seizing the opportunity, I quickly jotted down a few items and handed him my list. He almost fell over when he saw the Weber Grill as a line item on the list. I put the budget in parenthesis and under that Happy Father's Day.

Now, this is a big deal. A substantial purchase and he is finally going to be the proud owner of a Weber Grill. There are lots of brownie points in this for me, so I let him enjoy the shopping excursion without me cramping his style. He does the manly thing and takes his friend with him to go buy the grill.

I get the phone call while he is out shopping that he found the perfect grill and is on his way home with his new purchase. I remind him to buy a grill cover. He replies, "I got it already, I am one step ahead of you babe."

They get home and unload the grill into the shed. BTW, he made room in the shed prior to going shopping. He calls me out to see the new grill. It is awesome, a stainless steel, shiny, new...Charmglow grill.

"So, whatdaya think?" he says. I reply a bit puzzled, "I think it is beautiful, but for the past five years you have been telling me that you wanted a Weber grill." He starts elaborating, "Yeah, I know but I really liked this one, and look it's got..." "Shush," I said, "just enjoy your grill."

P.S. The grill is great, he is happy and the steak came out perfect.

Thank you for reading my rantings.