Top 5 LI Spots for Cryotherapy

Are your muscles and joints in pain or injured? If so, try out cryotherapy, or cold therapy, to heal your body and help alleviate pain.

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Cryotherapy has been a common treatment among athletes to treat symptoms of tissue damage. Now, many people use cryotherapy for a variety of benefits such as reducing inflammation, enhancing the skin’s appearance and tone, increasing cell repair rate, and reducing signs of aging. The treatment is also said to help a multitude of other problems such as migraines, tumors, dementia, Alzheimer’s, mood disorders, and skin conditions. 



This specific spot treatment works by exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures around -160°F! However, although many people swear by cryotherapy and reap the benefits, it is still being researched. Be sure to talk to your doctor to see if cryotherapy is right for you.



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