Job search, job search and more job search. In sales they say, it's all about the numbers. The more you do the better your changes of succeeding. In our journey to seek and secure employment ...

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Job search, job search and more job search. In sales they say, it's all about the numbers. The more you do the better your changes of succeeding. In our journey to seek and secure employment the same holds true. In the "good old days" one would see a for help sign in the window, go in, interview, get hired and take the sign down. If you were lucky, your father would send you to someone he knew and before you can say're hired. Remember those days, probably not. Since many of us aren't lucky enough to have that type of connection, we need to seek employment the old fashion way, job searching, job searching and yes more job searching. Today we will discuss different ways to seek and disseminated information for the purpose of employment. Again, the idea is to utilize a concept I call "NET EMPLOYMENT FISHING," more on that in a future article. Just remember that the greater the numbers the greater the opportunity to land a job. Before we start, kindly understand that the idea here is to begin to utilize different job resources and to do more of it. Let's discuss the job activity search list.

Use it or loose it but don't depend on it. The internet is a wonderful tool to use and locate jobs around the corner or around the world, research a company, determine which industry is hiring, what you are worth in today's market (, helps you with your resume, cover/thank you letter, shows you what to and what not to wear and tells you what to and what not to say on the interview. Create an e-mail. Post your resume online. Apply on line. The internet acts as your personal job tour guide. No, this is not a how- to job search internet article. No, you don't have to be a computer expert. Yes, take a class.

Snail Mail
Believe it or not, some companies still ask that you mail in your resume/cover letter. Don't be an internet snob and ignore it. How much is a stamp these days anyway?

Use the fax. The fax is good, Yes, I do believe you can fax on the internet.

The New York Times, the Post, Daily News, Newsday, Village Voice, Penny Savers. Which is your favorite? I bet it has a job classified in the back? Most if not all industries today have Trade papers/ magazines. I know what you're thinking but Michael; can't you go on the internet for these papers? Yes, but the internet may not necessarily have the same job postings. Remember, it's a numbers game.

It's a great informational tool. Ask the Librarian for assistance. Ask for a job. Yes, most libraries have computers and offer free classes.

Job Developers/Vocational Counselors/Head Hunters/Employment Agencies/Alma Mata
Most non-profit/profit organizations and Human Resources departments offer these types of services. The Vocational Counselor assesses your skills and qualifications, helps with your resume/cover letter, preps you with interview skills and creates a job plan of action. The Job Developer has a job bank and can assist in your placement. Head Hunters/Employment Agencies also assist in your placements. Visit your career guidance counselor. Look on community Bulletin boards. Again, as in any job resource, use them but don't depend on them.

Civil Service
Any government/state agency, (i.e. Post Office, Sanitation Department), take the civil service test and wait, wait, and wait to be called.

Cold Calling
Find a desk. Get a phone. Pick up the Business to Business phone directory. Choose a geographical area, industry, company and call. A salesman general rule of thumb formula for cold calling is: 100 calls will provide you with 3 leads, which will get you 1 interview, 3 interviews will or should land you a job. Try it!!!

This is not the time to be embarrassed, shameful or timid. Make sure all your family and friends are aware of your employment endeavors. You're out of a job, looking for one and you would appreciate their help. They just might pleasantly surprise you. And please, don't think they don't know, they know.

Networking is the action of continuous and frequent effort/motion of seeking employment through specific individuals, groups, organizations, companies and industries that lead to the attended conclusion, a job. One should start networking the first day of work, while you are still working and up until the last day of employment. The networking you do during employment, might just get you a job sooner rather than later, when and if you become in need of employment.

Extreme Self Promotion (E.S.P.)
Think outside the proverbial employment box. Implement any moral, ethical and legal means to obtain a job. If you think wearing a chicken suit to interview for a Managerial position at a chicken place will land you that job, do it. If you want to tie your resume to a rock and throw it thru the window of a Human Resource Manager's office of a glass manufacturer just to show him how you can easily and in a timely matter, replace it. Do it! Today you need to think outside the proverbial employment box. What are some of your Extreme Self Promotion (E.S.P.) ideas?

Past Jobs
I like this one. Here is my thought. Many if not most of us have had more than one job in our professional life. Why not go back to one or all of your past employments, utilize your great interpersonal and communication skills that I know you possess, speak to the appropriate person and ask if there is a position available. It does not necessarily have to be the same position you once had. Remember your transferable skills. Now, of course if you left those previous employments in a negative way, in all probability you can not cross over that bridge. Try it any way; what do you have to lose? Good luck!

House of Worship
I also like this one. You will have to set aside your ego on this. Besides, if your ego doesn't have a job, it's probably broke. A broke ego doesn't have any say on this matter. Go to your House of Worship, meet with the man/woman in cloth, introduce yourself and ask for his/her divine assistance in helping you with your employment endeavors. Now, we all know that the person in cloth, knows his/hers congregation inside out.
They know who did what to whom, who slept with whose wife, who has money and who is pretending to have money. Most importantly to you and your concerns, what type of job their parishioners have and who has the power to hire. Sit in the first row and have the man/woman in cloth introduce you and your plied to the congregation and ask the parishioners for their divine assistance in helping you land employment Do it! Amen.

The point of this article was to stimulate and provide some information for your job search activity brain cell. Some will get one percent information and others will get ninety nine percent. As long as you get some type of an aha moment, this article has succeeded. Today you can not depend on any one way or anyone person when it comes to your successful seeking and retaining of employment. You must see three dimensional. Think outside the proverbial employment box.
Question, what are some of your job search activity ideas? Let me know so I can let others know.

Remember: You can't change destiny over nite, but you can change direction over nite.

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This concludes, THE SEVEN STEPS TO EMPLOYMENT SUCCESS SYSTEM: ACTIVITY SEARCH LIST. Stay tuned for the next article in these series.