My philosophy is to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). There is plenty of information from various resources that will instruct you on the proper etiquette of dressing for success on an interview. If you want ...

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My philosophy is to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). There is plenty of information from various resources that will instruct you on the proper etiquette of dressing for success on an interview. If you want to be confused, look into those resources for advice or the other alternative is to K.I.S.S. I have taken the liberty of breaking it down to three simple categories:
Mental Dressing
Physical Dressing
Body Dressing

Before the interview you must be mentally and emotionally prepared. You must become one with your mental and emotional energy. You are a team. You are one with purpose. Breathe. Talk positive talk. Exercise. Dance.Visit your house of worship. Sing. Shout. Meditate. Breathe. A little boy went up to Shakespeare and asked him, how do I become a great writer like you? Shakespeare lowered his head towards the little boy and pronounced these now famous words, PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE. Practice those interview questions until they become one with you. Visualize yourself willing, able and ready to be employed. Do what is necessary to put yourself in a mental and emotional environment that is conducive to your success.

Men, I'm thinking of a four letter word that starts with S and ends in T SUIT. Listen. It doesn't matter what type of job in what type of industry in what company or organization you are about to interview for. Wear a suit. This is business and in business you wear a suit. You are not interviewing with your friend, family or significant other. You are however interviewing with a business person who needs to hire a person who most fits the culture of that business. Be safe and wear a white shirt. It's a classic. Wear your power red tie. It works for "The Donald." Wear dark suits. Gray. Blue. Black and shades in between. Please, black shined shoes and for goodness sake, never but never wear white socks.
Women: Let's keep it simple, K.I.S.S. The same principles that apply for men concerning suits can apply for you. You however, do possess more flexibility with what you can wear on an interview then men do. Pant/skirt suits are acceptable. A little color is nice. When it comes to jewelry, less is more and simple is better. Your blouse should not reveal more than what you have to reveal about your skills and qualifications. Ladies, resist the temptation to wear your tomato red stiletto spike shoes. Wear a comfortable and business like shoe with the appropriate size heel. Shoes should be clean, polished, business appropriate, and fashionably styled. Stockings are preferred with no runs.

This applies for both. Let's start from the beginning. Shower. Shave. Brush. Cologne/perfume, do not swallow a bottle of Pierre Cardin. Wear nothing or if you must, less is more. Jewelry, this is not a disco club. As stated, less is more and simple is better. No noise makers Nails should be cut, cleaned and polished. Hair should be clean, cut, combed and fashionably styled. Men's Facial hair should be clean, cut/trim, combed or cleaned-faced, Make-up should compliment the wearer, not over power them. Ladies, if you feel naked without your make-up, remember, less is best. Neutral colors please. Men, what ever your preference, do resist wearing make-up at the interview.

There is a saying, paralysis thru analysis. My philosophy in life and in my coaching style, is to simplify. The purpose of information should diffuse not confuse, right? I realize that no information provides one hundred percent and yes there is and always will be an exception to the rule. But, for me, it is the rule not the exception. What we need and what I hope I am providing is, information that is simple, proven to work, honest, concise and on point. What you think is important to me. E-mail me with your thoughts, comments and questions at

Remember: You can't always change destiny over night, but you can change directon over night.