FDA Takes a Second Look at the Safety of Chantix, Savvy Long Islanders Turn to Hypnosis to Stop Smok


Chantix may not be as safe as first thought, and Board Members of the Long Island Chapter of National Guild of Hypnotists are focusing their energies on providing informative resources for consumers to connect with ...

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Some smokers want to kick the smoking habit to reduce their risk of heart attack and other health problems that are linked to tobacco use, but  patients who took the pill were also more likely to have a heart attack or other adverse cardiovascular event compared with patients who received a placebo.
The FDA cited research in which, 2 percent of patients taking Chantix had non-fatal heart attacks compared with 0.9 percent in the placebo group, while 2.3 percent of Chantix patients needed artery-clearing procedures versus 0.9 percent getting placebo.
Hypnosis is a safe and drug free approach to becoming tobacco free.  It is the type of technique that may be used alone or can be used to complement nicotine replacement.  The Long Island Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists is an organization of certified hypnotists and instructors who are dedicated to professionalism in hypnotism, and have made resources available to help Long Islanders find a consulting hypnotist near their home or work.  President, Carol Denicker, and two newly elected Board Members, Vice President, Cynthia Lindner and Secretary, Tina DeLuca are focusing their energies on providing informative resources for consumers such as the all new  http://www.nghli.com designed by Ms. DeLuca and  http://www.youtube.com/user/NGHLIhypnotists developed by Ms. Lindner.  
People have their personal reasons for stopping smoking some do it for their health, while others quit for aesthetic reasons, but whatever the reason, a person should not have to risk their health to become a non-smoker, and with hypnotism there is no additional risk of heart attack.