Free Activities and Ideas for Some Summer Fun on Long Island

You don’t have to spend top dollar to enjoy some fun in the sun this summer!

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There are plenty of ways to go out this summer on Long Island, have a great time, and not spend a dime. Nowadays it seems that so many things are just constantly going up in price. Whether it’s going out to the movies, or taking the family out for a bite to eat, and let’s not forget about the gas to even get to where you want to go, it seems like you can’t catch a break monetarily. So save your cash to use another day, because today is all about the free, fun places and activities on Long Island.

Long Island has many great parks, trails, and sports fields to utilize. All you need to do is bring your gear along with you and enjoy a wonderful day out in the sunshine. Be sure to have plenty of water with you to stay hydrated and quenched throughout the day and some sunscreen to protect your skin from those harsh sun rays. Don’t forget to pack up some food too, maybe even a spread for a picnic!

  • Bring the family to one of the many parks on Long Island. Some parks do charge for parking but the actual parks themselves are usually free. You can fly some kites, sit and have a picnic, watch the kids play on the jungle gym, or bring a ball with you in case the park has a basketball court, and shoot some hoops.
  • Take a trip down to a nearby lake and bring the family fishing. Lounge on some fold up chairs while you wait for your big catch.
  • Want to go a little wild and view some animals? The Wildlife and Ecology Center in Holtsville is the place to go. They have goats, buffalo, eagles, bobcats, and more!
  • There are many fields on Long Island that offer free play as long as a game isn’t currently going on. Grab your baseball and a glove to play some catch. Kick around a soccer ball. You can practice all different sports with the family, it’ll be fun and keep you active.
  • The summer is the prime time for festivals around the Island. Many of the festivals are free to go to but if you want to partake in food and games then be prepared to pay a fee. Otherwise enjoy the atmosphere; many of the festivals have all different kinds of entertainment going on from free music to free fireworks shows.
  • How about exploring some roadside attractions? The Big Duck in Flanders is a very popular spot as is the real F-14 Tomcat located in Grumman Memorial Park in Calverton.
  • Go out on an adventure on one of the many walking trails on Long Island. Get lost in the woods for a while and enjoy the serenity of nature. You may even get to see some native wildlife.

How did you decide to spend your day? Let us know in the comments!

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