Check out These Places to Go Crabbing on Long Island

Long Island is known for its fresh seafood and superb shellfish. Check out everything you need to know about Long Island’s most popular crabbing destinations

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Captree Fuel, Bait and Tackle 


Head to Long Island's go-to crab supply shop for all your crabbing needs before heading out for a day of crabbing. At Captree's you can purchase crab traps from $8 and up or complete daily sets for $30. For more info, visit here.


Captree State Park


Captree State Park has the largest fishing fleet on Long Island. Crabbing from the East pier is recommended, but there are two piers to choose from. Additionally, charter or open boats can be rented for saltwater fishing. No license or equipment is required on either the Atlantic Ocean or Great South Bay sides. For those who don’t enjoy the sport, sightseeing tours and scuba diving trips are also offered. Plus, the park is home to a full-service restaurant and a refreshment stand that claims to house the best chili dogs on Long Island. Click to visit


Tanner Park


Tanner Park is dedicated to entertaining the whole family. The pier is a popular spot to go crabbing and fishing, the interactive spray park is a great way to cool off and the band shell and food services end the day on a high-note. Click to visit


Cow Meadow Park & Preserve


Cow Meadow Park & Preserve has been a part of Nassau County’s park system since 1970. It’s a popular crabbing and fishing destination for locals and includes 150-acres of marine wetlands like tidal creek habitants, mud flat and salt marsh. The nature trail is a great place to go for a scenic walk or even a run. When hunger pains strike, there is a picnic area with both free and reserved tables for a nice afternoon snack. Click to visit


Mascot Dock and Marina


Locals love to go crabbing and fishing off the pier at Mascot Dock and Marina. Join the fun and share your adventure on the Facebook page, where others post when they catch crabs as well as pictures of the beautiful scenery.Click to visit


Woodmere Docks


At Woodmere Docks, visitors can crab from a boat or the docks. Locals are drawn to the dock when they’re seeking peace. Enjoy coffee and birdwatching in the morning, or pack a picnic lunch and a book for an afternoon reprieve. No matter what time of day, the view along Woodmere Boulevard doesn’t disappoint. Click to visit


West Sayville Docks

West Sayville

People go to West Sayville Docks to crab, fish, catch a sunset or just enjoy nature. They share memories and breathtaking views on the dock’s Facebook page.