Ready, Set, Prom!

As school comes to an end, Prom Season is just beginning!

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As the month of June begins so does another time of year applicable only to teenage girls and begrudging dates - prom season.  With the big day coming up, girls are bustling about to find every accessory to make sure their night is perfect. But getting ready for prom does not simply mean buying an extravagant dress and finding a date, there’s so much more to it. From the pre-prom planning to finding somewhere to celebrate after, Prom Night can require seemingly endless careful research and shopping.  With the first week of June almost gone, prom season has officially kicked into full swing.

One of the first things any prom committee looks for is the perfect venue for the night. Whether it is in the high school gym or a five star hotel, prom attendees need to know the theme of the event before they can begin to start shopping for a dress or their transportation. At some Long Island high schools the most important part of the night is the grand entrance in the most spectacular vehicle they can find- ranging from ice cream trucks to trolleys.

With a venue and theme decided dress stores and tuxedo shops can expect a mad rush of girls trying to find the most unique and perfect dress- dragging their dates to make sure their tie is the same exact shade. From princess gowns to kimonos, girls want to make sure they look the part for their themed event. If the theme is Paris you can be sure that girls will be looking up the top fashions in France and settling for nothing less than a top designer. But for those who are looking to spend their money on something other than that perfect dress, budget shopping and warehouses will be sure to help.

Shoes and accessories are the second most important aspect to prom for many girls. While many dress stores have their own jewelry department, places such as Macy’s or costume jewelry stores are sure to be busy as ever for the next month. Even though most girls will throw their high heels to the wind once the dancing starts, they are a very important accessory for prom pictures- especially if you have an unusually tall date. The last touches are made the day of the event- hair and makeup. Most girls will flock to hair salons across the island to turn their hair into beautiful updos and curled creations. After a half a bottle of hairspray, they are ready to party.  

With the Hamptons being so accessible and beaches everywhere, students love to find a nice relaxing place to continue the party and celebrate with their friends for one last time before they head off into their college lives. While graduation might still be a week or so away, after-prom getaways are really the last hoorah for those saying goodbye to their high school years. Other popular ideas are hitting up a 24-hour diner or movie theater still decked out in all your formalwear.  

After all the planning and partying is done graduating seniors will be left with memories they will cherish forever. Whether it is spending the night with the perfect date or with your best and closest friends, prom is a rite of passage that all students must have. With graduation looming just days after, prom is the perfect send off into the college world where students will embark on a new life.