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Are you shopping for a prom dress or tuxedo rental on Long Island?

Finding the ideal, unique prom dress is one of the biggest, and funnest, challenges of planning the perfect prom. Prom dresses come in all shapes, styles, colors and fabrics. Some girls choose body-fitting gowns while others go for the more traditional taffeta-boosted skirts. Before picking your prom dress, you should try on several different styles to see which shape is most appropriate for your body type. Long Island's formal dress vendors are experts at guiding you to the perfect dress for you.

There are a handful of highly rated prom dress vendors on Long Island that offer tons of dresses in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors and prices. Below is a list of recommended dress vendors in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

  • Simply Dresses / Prom Girl, located in Middletown, specialized in prom-style formal wear and offers a broad selections of dresses, including plus-size dresses and accessories.
  • Da Zone is a popular prom dress and formal wear vendor in Richmond Hill that also offers a wide selection of shoes and accessories.
  • Gino's Fashion Tuxedos in Farmingdale carries all the most popular brands and maintains the most current styles so you'll never be renting or buying an out-of-date suit.

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