Twin Arrests for Twin Robberies on Long Island

Identical twin brothers, Daniel and Cory Amarosa, were charged with two bank robberies on Long Island.

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Identical twin brothers, Daniel and Cory Amarosa of Coram, were arrested on
Wednesday, charged with robbing two Long Island banks.  According to police, the
brothers first robbed People’s United Bank in Centereach, and eight days later, they
struck a Chase bank in the same town.
Police caught up to the 21-year-old twins on Wednesday, at which time one admitted to
police that he knew the reason he was pulled over was for committing bank robbery.
Daniel Armarosa told police that, like many young Long Islanders recently engaged in criminal activity, he “needed the money for drugs.”  In total, the men stole $4,000.  They did not use a gun during their robberies and no one was injured.
For each robbery, Daniel Armarosa handed tellers notes while Cory waited in the car.
The first time Daniel only disguised himself with a baseball cap while robbing People’s
Bank on May 22, but later wore a full face mask during his robbery at Chase.  The
brothers’ continued to learn from their mistakes after a teller at the first bank included a
red dye pack with exploded in their bag, staining the money.  At Chase, Daniel’s note
included instructions not to include a dye pack.
When Cory saw a witness outside of Chase Bank, he left his brother behind, driving
west down Route 25, while Daniel ran in the opposite direction.  The witness alerted
police who immediately tracked down the brothers on their separate getaways.
People who know the twins have said the boys were inseparable throughout their lives,
and did everything together.  Their Facebook pages show pictures of their childhood
camping trips and more innocent activities.  Neighbors told police that the boys had been
“partying” a lot lately, and “seemed lost.”  
The brothers pleaded not guilty on two counts of robbery at their Thursday arraignment.
The police have recovered all but $20 of the $1,460 stolen from People’s Bank and
$2,340 stolen from Chase.  Court records shore that Cory Amarosa had prior drug
charges.  First District Court Judge Stephen Ukeiley set $200,000 bail for each brother.
News of drug related crimes have swept Long Island in recent weeks.  
The two are just the latest of criminal activity among young Long Islanders, usually drug related. 21-year-oldSophia Anderson of Connecticut crashed her vehicle into a Long Island home last week while driving under the influence of alcohol.  Her blood alcohol content was a .30, and witnesses said she had 15 drinks before getting behind the wheel.  Recently, 20-year-old  Imran Rehman was killed when a drunk driver, Debra Pendzick, 37, of Center Moriches, struck his vehicle while he was going out for a quick errand at a local convenience store in Centereach.  Rehman had struggled with a congenital disease, spina bifida, and had only recently gotten his driver’s license.



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