13 Arrests Made in Major Drug Distribution Ring


Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota, after a 10-month investigation, announced the arrests of 13 individuals involved in a major west coast-east coast drug trafficking and distribution ring.

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Thirteen arrests have been made in what is being called a major cross-country marijuana trafficking operation, which also purchased ketamine from China and subsequently distributed it at night clubs in New York City, Long Island and Fire Island.  

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced the arrests after an 10-month investigation into the profitable trafficking scheme lead by 47-year-old Manhattan businessman, Neil Singer.  
A former New York City police officer Keith Klouda, 37, of Miller Place was arrested for his role as a financial manager.  Steven Polizzi, 52, of Dix Hills and Wayne Percetti, 42, of Deer Park were also arrested for their roles as dealers.  
Police retrieved more than 200 pounds of of marijuana, along with plastic bags containing powderized ketamine, an animal tranquilizer, during court authorized-searches conducted by the Suffolk County Police Department’s narcotics squad and the District Attorney’s narcotics bureau.  According to District Attorney Tom Spota, the team used wiretapping and electronic surveillance to bring down the ring.  
The marijuana originated in California and Oregon, and was brought to the east coast by drivers and overnight delivery services.  
The thirteen were arraigned at county courthouses in Riverhead on Tuesday.  
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