Saturday's Top 10: Talk to the Animals

Spring is a great time to visit with animals and nature.

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Spring weather has finally arrived.  As we want to get out and enjoy so do the animals.  It is a great time to visit those amazing animals!  Talk to the animals at a zoo, farm or aquarium. The family will love a day seeing rare species and walking around the different themed areas. You might even learn something. It's fascinating to see animals interact with each other in their natural habitat. 

It is important to remember that these are wild animals and they are in cages or enclosed habitats for a reason. Do not climb over any fences to pet the animals, no matter how tame they seem. Be sure to pick up a daily schedule that gives you show times and feeding times so you can plan your day accordingly.  Running in circles is not fun for anyone. Most facilities have hand-washing stations near their petting areas.  It's a good idea to bring your own hand sanitizers for quick cleanups.

Give your family the chance to get up close and personal with nature and animals. Don't forget your camera. It can be very educational as well as exciting. Have a blast watching those amazing animals in their natural habitat.

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