Family Time Machine

Get the kids excited about going back in time.

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It's time to get your game-addicted children to step away from the Wii or their preferred gaming system.  Think about hopping into a family time machine, either DeLorean style -Back to the Future or H.G.Wells' style.  Get the kids excited about going back in time.  It can be as simple as looking at old pictures or watching video footage of major milestones.  (Have you converted those tapes to DVD's yet?)  Or popping up a big bowl of popcorn and telling your kids about your childhood.  My kids can't believe that my husband and I survived with only channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13.  Life was so different without VCR's, call waiting, caller ID, cell phones, etc. The look of horror on their faces is actually quite entertaining!

Bring some of the good old days back by playing some retro board games or the beloved Rubik's Cube.  A game of Twister is sure to bring out the giggling while trying to get your hands and feet on the right colored spots. 

The National Wildlife Federation has created the Be Out There campaign. Help NWF reach their goal of getting 10 million American kids to reap the benefits of the great outdoors.  They are asking families to take the following pledge..."I pledge to grow my child's health, happiness and appreciation of nature by getting them outside and playing every week!"  Try to get a green hour in each day.  The reality is American children are spending an average of 7 hour and 38 minutes per day staring at electronic media entertainment. Building some outdoor time into your child’s schedule will help them get a better night’s sleep and receive the associated physical, emotional and cognitive benefits.

Another ideas would be to create time capsule.  Fun items to include would be a menu from your favorite restaurant, old cell lists of current prices of gas, groceries, movie tickets etc, and my favorite songs.  Write each family member a letter and seal it up (BEFORE they have read it). Tell them what you love about them and what you hope for them. Tell them what you believe and why. Mention something about what they are currently doing in life.  It will be a blast to open up after 10 years.

We'd like to hear about your family time on Long Forum.