Cablevision Increases On-Demand Rentals to 48 Hours

Many Optimum On-Demand videos will see their window of availability doubled.

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Less than a month after bringing their Optimum App, previously only available on Apple products,  to Windows-based laptops, allowing subscribers to watch their full cable package from a variety of portable devices, Long Island-based TV service provider Cablevision is making some improvements to its on-demand rentals. Hundreds of such on-demand movies will now have a viewing window of 48 hours (that’s double the previous timeframe) from initial purchase at no additional charge.

Coupled with an array of other on-demand shows—Optimum offers free streaming of shows from a variety of networks including Fox, NBC, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network—these new upgrades will help the company keep up to speed with the growing media streaming market while providers such as Netflix and Hulu make it increasingly easier for consumers to watch programs and movies when it is most convenient for them rather than when those broadcasts first hit the airwaves.


Android users will be disappointed to know that there is still no Optimum App  for their favorite mobile devices, but Cablevision’s partnership with several TV networks will give them access to 12 different channels, including HBO Go,  from almost any platform.  



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