Did You Remember Your Mama? Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts!


It is not too late! You can still surprise your mother with a thoughtful gift!

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For whatever reason, you might have forgotten that a very important day is tomorrow: Mother's Day. Our lives can be hectic, but we should always make time for those who count...like mom!

Interestingly, Mother's Day was first celebrated over 100 years ago after the loss of a mother in West Virginia. West Virginia was the first state to recognize Mother's Day and gained more popularity when the greeting cards began producing cards for the holiday. Although some may feel that the holiday is not meaningful, it was originally invented by a child who wanted to commemorate their mother.

That is why we have days like Mother's Day. So, if you are looking for a last minute gift or idea of celebrating mom, check out our list of last minute gifts!

  • Something You Personally Made: Nothing means more than something you have taken the time out to create. We have plenty of suggestions for kids and adults for heart-felt gifts for mom. There is still a little time to fit it in!
  • Buy Her Flowers: It may seem cliche, but a lot of mothers still like the receive flowers on Mother's Day. Check out a local florist for more details and availability.
  • Buy Her Jewelry: Nothing says how much you appreciate mom more than jewelry. Pieces can range in metals and styles, so you can buy something that says "#1 Mom" or adds a bit of shine to her outfits.
  • Spoil Her With a Massage: Pamper mom with a gift certificate to one of the many massage therapy locations on the island. Moms do a lot of work and deserve some relaxation.
  • Throw Her a BBQ: Celebrate mom with a small BBQ and cook mom up a special meal. It is BBQ Month, so it is more than appropriate to throw a BBQ themed Mother's Day.
  • Take Her to a Mother's Day Event: There are a lot of events going on this Mother's Day. So, check out some place where you can bring mom this weekend.
  • Take Her to a Restaurant: Maybe there is not an event taking place that you feel your mother would be interested in. However, going to her favorite restaurant could really brighten her day.
  • Promise to Send Her on a Trip: As a last minute idea, you cannot fully plan out a trip for your mother, but you can promise and then plan one for her for a later date. Additionally, if you did not know where she wanted to go, you might get feedback before purchasing the trip.

What are you doing for mom this Mother's Day? Have any additional last minute gift recommendations? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Martin Gommel / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)