National Travel & Tourism Week on Long Island - Check Out The Best Local Attractions & Landmarks

Whether away or here on Long Island, traveling and tourism is important to not only other cities but Long Island as well. Be sure to check out all to do on the island!

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The U.S. Travel Association has made May 3rd to 11th the National Travel and Tourism Week. The goal of this week is to educate people on the benefit and the necessity  of traveling.

There are many benefits of traveling and tourism. They both promote the local workers, businesses, and economies. By traveling, you are investing in a particular area's community and promoting the livelihood of that community.

Beside the monetary benefits for the community, you are visitors will benefit from the local food and activities available within a certain area.

Now, you may want to travel far, but if you are unable to, there are many activities that you can take part in here on the island or in the vicinity of the island. So, be a traveler and a tourist and enjoy what Long Island has to offer right outside your hometown.

  • Lighthouses: Long Island is home to some of the country’s oldest lighthouses, and they are as breathtaking today as they have been for centuries.
  • Nature & Outdoor Events: There are many events on the island that have you visit many local state parks and museums.
  • Amusement Parks: The weather is so much nicer outside! So check out the many amusement parks on the island as they are beginning to open.
  • Vineyards: Something that Long Island is getting more well-known for is its vineyards. So, go and support a local vineyard with a visit.
  • Museums: In addition to supporting the community, you can learn about the community as well at many local museums. Museum Row is a popular place where you can see not only see one museum, but multiple in one location!
  • Long Island Parks: There are many state and local parks on Long Island where one can walk, run, and bike on.
  • Golf Courses: Get the clubs and head to the various courses on the island! There are many golf events coming up, but you can always schedule a tee time through us!
  • Local Zoos: See some animal friends on the island. You do not have to go far!
  • Country Clubs: Various country clubs are on the island. These clubs offer endless hours of fun activities and recreation.
  • Art Galleries: See how talented Long Island is through our art galleries.
  • Restaurants: Long Island has some of the best food in the country. No matter what you enjoy to eat, you will always be served at great meal.
  • Visit NYC: Islanders live so close to the biggest city in the country! Just hop on the LIRR and visit at any time!

How will you support travel and tourism on Long Island? Tell us in the comments below!

[Logo and Information Source: The U.S. Travel Association]