Creating a Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

Anything can happen on your wedding day, take a look at these tips to be prepared!

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Every bride has always had worries about what might happen on her wedding day.  With so much going into making one day perfect, there is a whole assortment of things that could possibly go wrong. What if someone steps on your dress and rips it? What if you smudge the makeup that you just had professionally done? It is for this reason that most brides like to put together a wedding day disaster kit to make sure that they can squash any problem that pops up. To help you put yours together, has created a list of must haves for your wedding day kit!

Mini Sewing Kit: This is the essential must have in your emergency kit. With so many ways to ruin a dress and so many people wearing dresses, it’ll come in handy somewhere. These are easy to find at your local convenience shop and if you’re looking to be extra meticulous go to a craft store and purchase string in both the color of your dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses as well as safety pins! Another useful add in would be clear nail polish to fix runs in stockings! Hem tape and Scotch Tape can also help fix a dress!

Chalk: This handy little tool provides a quick fix to any smears or smudges that might appear on your dress. Simply rub it over the stain to get that white hue back! Spot remover and hand toilettes are also a must to keep that dress clean!

Hair Pins/Clips: If you’re putting a bunch of little clips or bobby pins in your hair for the big day then you should always have extra. Pins and clips fall out all the time and if they are essential to your hairstyle then having extras can mean saving the day. Also keep some ponytails in there too, if the hair suddenly needs to go up then these are your best bet.

Dental Needs: For most of your wedding day you are going to be taking a bunch of pictures. This means that you need to make sure your teeth are always photo ready. Keep floss, toothpicks, and some of those Oral B Brush Ups in your kit to make sure your teeth are looking good through the whole day and after every meal!

Aspirin: A wedding day can be just as stressful as it is magical and all the running around beforehand could give you a monster headache. Make sure to carry aspirin or any other pain medication of your choice with you to get rid of the pain fast! Also include Band-Aids for any other mishaps!

Makeup: This is one of the easiest things to mess up on your wedding day with all the crying and running about. After getting your makeup done ask if the artist has any extra of the lipstick she used or the eye color available for purchase as well as any other products she thinks you might need to touch up. It’s always best to have the exact same product that was used but if you can’t find that then any similar product will work as well. Make sure to pack tissues!

Other: There are a few other little things you might want to include in the emergency kit that aren’t essential but might be helpful. Pack a straw to use just in case there aren’t any for the bride to use so she won’t mess up her lipstick stay hydrated. Small scissors might come in handy when fixing a dress up right. Extra earring backs are also useful in case one falls off and you don’t want to lose the earring. Some brides even like to put in an extra garter and guestbook just in case they forget! Some brides like to pack eye drops to combat red eyes and Tums to get rid of an upset stomach. Lastly the bride is going to be going back and forth all day and might not get a chance to eat so pack a little snack just in case!