Skip the Super Market and Try a Farmers Market: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Now that the weather is improving, farmers markets are beginning to start functioning for the year. Try some local produce and goods!

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Choosing to shop at a local farmers market is not only beneficial for you, but also to the community. Many people selling at these markets grow fruits and vegetables organically at prices that are very competitive to whole sale organic food you would buy in a grocery store. 

Additionally, by buying from a local vendor, one is promoting the economy in a community. While grocery stores import fruits and vegetables from other states and countries which adds to the cost of the produce. If grown locally, a person within the community will be supported and promote farming on Long Island. 

Looking for more than just fruits and vegetables? Farmers markets do more than just sell produce, many local bakers and chefs make bread and prepared food that can be purchased fresh. Also, want to plant for yourself? Some markets will be selling flowers and plants that you can bring home to grow for yourself!

So, check out a local farmers market and support your community!

So you go to farmers markets? What is your favorite item to pick up?
Do you know of other farmers markets going on on Long Island?
Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Alex E. Proimos / Foter / (CC BY-NC 2.0)