Saturday's Top 10: Getting your Home Spectacular for Spring

Spring has finally sprung!

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There are few rites of Spring more satisfying than the annual clean. For many the pleasure comes only after the work is finished. Your spring cleaning may never become effortless, but you can make the project more manageable -- and even enjoyable. 

Start this fresh new season off right by giving the outside of your home a refreshing before you turn back inside for your usual spring cleaning; the exterior of your home is as ready to come back to life as the interior is!  Start from the outside in. Your front door not only welcomes all of your guests into your home, but also you and your family on a daily basis. Turn on all of your outdoor lights and go through to replace the dead or dying ones with an energy efficient equivalent. Start bringing your yard back to life. Prune all of the dead buds and branches off of your bushes and trees. Add a fresh layer of mulch  to each of your flower, bush, and tree beds to give your greenery the extra nutrition needed to come back.

Now is the time to get your home spectacular for Spring!


Let us know how you make your home spectacular for spring on Long Fourm.