Summer College at C.W. Post Features Courses in Sustainability

Learn about 'green' business investing, cleaner energy, environmental journalism and eco-art

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Brookville, N.Y. -- College and high school students will explore eco-friendly and sustainable use of the Earth's resources from a wide range of perspectives this summer at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University.

The special program, "Sustainability: Our World, Our Responsibility," offers 10 new undergraduate courses that examine sustainability from the perspectives of international business and Wall Street, ancient history, clean energy technology, ecology, journalism and the fine arts. The courses are three credits and the University is offering a tuition discount for college students and high school juniors and seniors. Classes begin on June 27, 2011 to allow for high school students to take advantage of the summer-time courses.

"The significance of sustainability is widely accepted, from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond," said C.W. Post Provost Paul Forestell, a specialist in marine mammal behavior and environmental education. "We are extremely pleased to present these innovative courses that will challenge the way students think about the planet they inhabit and their roles in creating a more sustainable future."

"Sustainability: Our World, Our Responsibility" offers courses in a one-week to five-week format. C.W. Post undergraduates, as well as visiting college students, can enroll in the courses at one-third off the regular tuition rate. High school juniors and seniors with a "B" average or better may enroll in up to two of these courses at $440 each - a fraction of the regular tuition cost. All courses are transferrable to C.W. Post and many other colleges and universities.
The C.W. Post Summer Sustainability courses and faculty are:
"Ecology/Evolution - Our Changing Earth," Biology Department Chairman and Professor Matthew Draud
"Introduction to Basic News Writing for the Environment," Journalism Professors Sandra Mardenfeld and Jennifer Cusumano
"The American Classroom & Sustainability in Curriculum and Policies," Education Professor Shaireen Rasheed
"Field Studies in Earth Science," Adjunct Environmental Science Professor Carole Neidich-Ryder
"Wall Street Solutions to Sustainability," Economics Department Chairman and Professor Panos Mourdoukoutas
"Eco-Art: Creative Environmental Sustainability," Art Professor Richard Kirk Mills
"Ancient Egypt: The Ultimate Sustainable Nation," Senior Research Fellow and Egyptologist Bob Brier
"The Business of Clean Technology," Finance Professor Carol Boyer
"The Human Artistic Experience in the Natural World," Adjunct Art Professor Kerry Mackenzie
"The Sustainability Challenge & the Global Firm," International Business Professor Shahid Siddiqi

In addition to the Sustainability Summer Program, C.W. Post offers more than 1,000 other courses available for credit during the summer. For more information about the Summer Sustainability Program and other summer courses, call (516) 299-2431 or visit