Rid Your Winter Blues With this Therapeutic Technique


At Port Salt Cave, you’ll feel rejuvenated and stress free instantly with the help of salt

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When in you first step into Port Salt Cave in Port Washington, you’ll feel transported to a beautiful hidden cave seemingly out of a movie with its pink tones and the relaxing sounds of waterfalls. With a light salt smell in the air and the dimly lit room, you’ll instantly feel at ease. But relaxation is just one of the benefits that the therapeutic salt imported from Poland offers. Owner, Sue Sullivan thought of a brilliant idea to open the first salt cave on the North Shore, bringing all of it’s benefits to locals.



The cave is kept around 66-67 degrees and salt is pumped through the air, giving a slightly salty taste when breathing. The space is decked out with reclining chairs and warm, dim lighting,  causing some to lay back and nap, which seems perfectly acceptable amongst guests. Salt Therapy (also know as Halotherapy) has been shown to benefit adults and children, removing toxins from the respiratory system. Inhaling of dry salt relieves mucous build-up throughout the respiratory tract, allowing you to breath clearly. Aside from inner health benefits, salt therapy can also aid with skin conditions and overall mental and physical health and healing. 



Majority of Sullivan’s salts are shipped from Poland, coming from caves similar to Himalayan salt, which is produced among the mountainsides. The cave’s walls are made up of ten tons of salt with four inches of salt covering the floor. Each session last 45 minutes and comfortable clothing is required. While the cave is the main attraction, Port Salt Cave also offers an infrared sauna and hand and foot detox therapy, which uses warm salt blocks. Outside of the cave, visitors can shop the salt boutique, which offers salt lamps, jewelry and bath salts for purchase.


For more information and to purchase sessions, visit here


Port Salt Cave: Inspiration Wharf, 403 Main Street #3 Port Washington, NY 11050