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Tony Darrow - More Than Just A Goodfella

BY NICK CHRISTOPHERS From the gritty streets of Brooklyn to the glamour of Hollywood, Tony Darrow has made tremmendous strides in his career. From the begining Tony was origianlly drawn to theatre and performing live ...

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From the gritty streets of Brooklyn to the glamour of Hollywood, Tony Darrow has made tremmendous strides in his career. From the begining Tony was origianlly drawn to theatre and performing live in front of an audience was his love. But while he was entertaining the public at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City an oppportunity arose.

A friend of his contacted him on a film production he was working on called " Street Trash". His friend thought he would be perfect for a part. He was to play a mobster. Eventhough, the film was suppose to be a horror movie it turned out to be mob film according to the filmmaker. That fact was all due to Tony's superb portrayal of his character. In lew of that, the director James Murro Jr. had to add new scenes and casted Tony as the lead actor.

The director James Muro Jr. is presently the number one steady cam operator worldwide. He just finished doing the film "Crash" that won an Academy Award. From there Tony kept appearing at the Claridge but Martin Scorseses people viewed the film " Street Trash" and were taken in by Tony's performance. In turn, they called him in to read for the part of "Sonny Bunz" for the then, soon to be blockbuster " Goodfellas".

At the Claridge he was a headline singer/comedian. Following "Goodfellas" Tony has done at least 17 other films. He has been in at least six Woody Allen films the last one being " Small Time Crooks". " My first major motion picture, " GoodFellas" I could say was my proudest work. But it has been an honor to work with such great directors, like Woody Allen and Martin Scorcese."

"Woody and Martin allow the actors to improvise and add what the actor may feel enhances the role. I like working that way," added Tony. On his experience of working on film:"It has been fun and an honor, to have had the opportunity to work with the likes of Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and James Gandolfini to name a few." But Tony's heart has always been theatre. Since the incepection of the " Sopranos" Tony has had a re-accuring role as Larry Boy Barizi.

Tony admits the success of the "Sopranos" is the publics fascintation with the mob. But it is not factual its only TV not real. Tony has been approached with the issue that the show portrays Italians in a bad light. But Tony has come back to say: " That the show is fictional and should be viewed that way. It is not a documentary it's make-believe." Tony has worked worldwide from Atlantic City to Hong Kong. When asked about the difference with TV acting to acting on movies, Tony found TV to be more demanding. " You have less time to prepare on TV then the movies. Like the "Sopranos" we can shot for a week whereas a film it can go for 3 months."

On the horizon Tony will be the executive producer of a TV series called "Diner with The FoodFellas" which is also starring Vincent Pastore, Joe Giannascoli and Lorriane Bracco with Anthony Michael Hall as guest stars. For the desert segment Emily Francis from Channel 11 will join them. "Presenlty, a lot of networks have shown interest in the TV series and everyone is excited about it." Besides the TV series Tony is also involved on a movie project based on seven Jewish lawyers who embezzle close to a billion dollars from a Heatlh Care Company. They where doing so well on their scam until they invested the money in the topless nightspot Scores and ended up involved with the mob.

The story is based on real life accounts and characters. The lawyers essentially are indicted along with the mobsters. But one lawyer who was innocent is the individual who is the story teller behind the production. His name was Richard Herman. He was the only defendant ever to defend himself in court and win.

The project is slated for possible shooting sometime next year with the right backing. If Tony's was to offer any kind of advise to any aspiring actor he would state it this way: " On a film you can be there 14 -16 hours the idea is when that camera is on you, you need to shine. You know when you develop your bad to become good, so when your bad your good. But when your good your great!"