High energy foods - Increases Energy Level In Body.


If you feel that one should be fit and should have a good physic and proper health then you have to switch to high energy foods which help to maintain your body system and also ...

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High energy foods

are necessary if you want to keep your physic fit and fine. Every one goes to expensive fitness centre or gym where they can burn their fats and lose weight. But it is not good that after dragging yourself in gum for hours and then you have junk food. If you do exercise then you should even have a control on food. Because if you have more junk foods and oily then the level of cholesterol will increase and then it may later cause to risk like heart attack or diabetes and even other diseases. More oil and fats may lead to obesity so there are some

Foods that lower cholesterol


To maintain your digestive system, physic and make oneself healthy following are the high energy foods:
Add more fruits in your diet and eat daily in morning breakfast which includes more calcium, proteins and iron. Such fruits are banana, strawberries, pineapple, fig, kiwi and lot more.
Fresh green vegetables like cabbage, spinach, carrot and many more should be added in your daily meal.
Instead of having white rice or bread one can opt for brown rice or bread which helps a lot to burn and lose weight. And these are the foods that lower cholesterol level also.
Garlic is another option to be used in your daily meal because it is really good for heart patients and even diabetic because garlic helps to purify the blood and reduce the blood clot. It also makes person diabetes into normal level.
Pasta also comes under high energy foods because it is the main staple food and even rich in quality and nutrients. So those mothers who do not allow their children to eat can serve pasta in their plate.
Avoid eating junk and fast foods and also make sure to avoid eating too much of sweet products.

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