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Cold sores are very dangerous skin problem which appear like big bumps rising from under the skin and this sores stays for a longer periods which are also contagious

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Cold sores are a skin problem which occurs badly on skin and affects the part of the body. This sores are basically cause due to the herpes simplex virus type 1. These cold sores are contagious and spread all over the body if infected to it. Many people get confuse between the canker sore which is non contagious and mostly appear in the mouth and this cold sores appear mostly on the face, lips, nose and around the mouth.There are various home remedies for cold sores and methods

how to get rid of cold sores

. There are many people who hesitate for going a checkup to doctor. You can find many solutions on it by searching on internet, magazines or skin care books with all tips and methods on how to get rid of cold sores. Cold sores remains for a very long period and it looks very weird to see those bump rising under the skin. These sores are mainly very irritating and itching if one rubs it. There are many

Home remedies for cold sores

so one can use it for the benefit.

The methods are as follows:
Whenever you feel itch or find irritation then one can use the ice for getting rid from the itchiness by rubbing on the infected area. This ice plays a very good role for cold sores which does not heal but gives relief on it.
Tea bag is the best option to use in this case. You must be confused how tea bag can help for cold sores. One can use these warm tea bags and press it on the blisters repeatedly so that it gives relief from the pain.
Other than the above methods there are other home remedies for cold sores like using cold milk by applying it on the infected are by soaking it in cotton and dabbing it gently it helps to heal fast and gives relief from it.

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