Alpine CDE-102 - an entry level car audio device

This article is about Alpine CDE-102, an entry level car audio device. It has support for a lot of popular audio formats like MP3, AAC and WMA

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Alpine cde-102

is a car audio device which gives you support for all the popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, WMA. You can play this media either through USB port or the built in optical drive. The player also a cool feature called percentage search and this makes it easy to search through large libraries very easy.The Alpine CDE-102 isn't without its share of flaws though, the device doesn't have a lot of preamp outputs and hence this product is not recommended if you are thinking about serious system building. There is support for Bluetooth integration and iPod but you need additional equipment for that.

Bluetooth will let you attach any kind of

wireless headphones

to this set. But hardcore audiophiles have always been coy over going for wireless headphones technology since they say that the audio quality isn't the same without the cords. So it is really up to you to go for them or not.To sum it up, it can be said that the Alpine CDE-102 is a good OEM replacement stereo but it is not meant for system builder or serious audiophiles. They should look elsewhere but if you aren't too particular about this stuff and are looking for some casual listening, this set is a good choice for entry level users.

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