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This press release is written to update the readers on the latest range of services announced by www.moviesplanet.com.

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Movies are indeed the best means to keep worries at bay. The forever busy lifestyle has however made it difficult for people to take some time out and head towards theatres. As such, more and more people prefer to download movies to their systems and watch them at their own time and place with convenience. Considering the drastic rise in the number of people seeking to

watch movies online

and videos over the internet, a number of movie downloading sites have mushroomed up over the World Wide Web. Movies Planet is one amongst these sites for free movie that has a reason to stand head and shoulders above its competitors. Besides being a rich resource of films and videos, the company acts as a riveting networking portal for its users. Movies Planet is truly committed towards offering FREE filmy entertainment to its devoted followers.

Watch online movies, download videos, participate in forum discussions, skim through film reviews, read star biographies, get a peek-a-boo into upcoming movies - all at www.moviesplanet.com!

Movies Planet is a comprehensive site developed to provide holistic amusement to its users. The company is different for other

free movie

downloading sites in that it allows its members an extra dose of filmy fun. The company's riveting mix of activities include film review posts, forum discussions, participatory polls, ratings, film trailers, production mistakes, celebrity biographies etc. That is to say that while the website allows you to watch movies online, it also lets you explore the hottest on goings of the evergreen chirpy film world. It is precisely because of this double benefit that www.moviesplanet.com enjoys such a huge fan following.

In the words of the chief executive officer of the company, "People these days look out for comfortable ways of entertainment. Watching

free movies online

is one such mode of easy entertainment and we at moviesplanet.com endeavor to bring it at its best to you. All you need to do is log onto our pared-down website and register yourself for a personalized user account. Once you are done with that, you shall be able to unlock every form of juicy cinema news and activity. We are extremely happy in servicing you, cheers to our long-lived association!!"

Here at www.moviesplanet.com, you can dig out a 30 years old movie with as much ease as a 2 weeks old release. This is the best part of Movies Planet that finding movies and videos on the website is extremely easy!

About the company

Movies Planet is a community website for all the movie lovers spread across the globe. The company is devoted towards providing complete filmy entertainment to its members and hence it offers a whirl of other exciting activities besides downloading and free movies online watching. The company's services have hitherto been receiving a positive reception from its users.